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IncelTears: Because hating women will always get you laid

2017.05.19 21:56 caspertruth666 IncelTears: Because hating women will always get you laid

That's all folks. We're done.`

2013.01.09 01:07 SaltyChristian Perpetual Outrage Machine

/TheBluePill is a satire of /TheRedPill and the strategies discussed on that particular sub. That being said, consider most posts on this sub to have a trigger warning.

2009.11.21 06:18 Reddit's Diversity Board

Et tu, admins?

2020.09.22 08:32 acc-only-used-once Constantinople's walls are crumbling and I don't know how to deal with it

This has been in my mind for some time, but I don't really know how to start, where to start, and what to say. (throw away account btw). See bottom for TL;DR (everything before gives some context)
I know people don't like having to read a thesis, so I will try to keep it as short as possible.
About Me:
I am a mid 20s successful freelance software dev part of 2 startups in a multimillion rand (yes, I am South African) industry. I am doing my masters too. So yeah, I am strongly, very strongly career driven! (This is not meant to be boastful, it is to highlight my ambition). I have been told I am handsome by some women (not really sure what that means) - when I was at school (and much more fit, a few of the most attractive girls would spend time with me). I figured there must be a reason, but honestly I don't think I am 'good-looking' at all. (just a quick intro about me - to align with your explanation)
To add to this, ever since I started at university - I stopped taking care of myself and ended up becoming overweight. Yes, I know this is bad, etc but at high school, I only got in shape because of a girl...(this fundamentally is a bad reason for getting in shape - very bad)
Brief history:
I come from a very abusive family (father specifically) full of narcissism (anything you say can be held against you sort of thing), physical abuse early on, followed by constant and severe mental abuse all the way from the start of high-school till last year mixed in with crazy religious beliefs. Also, since I was in grade 3, I was working in the family business - we were forced to - getting in a month less child laborers would get for a weeks work. Its the perfect brewing pot for crazy soup!
My father found out my brother had a "girlfriend", he absolutely lost it hitting my brother (was sitting in the back seat, I was in the front passenger seat. This gives the idea of where I am coming from. Due to this, I have developed a bad case of people pleasing syndrome, amongst other things.
A random other fact: I dislike conflict, shouting, arguments, etc. I always try to find a way to resolve a problem and will usually take the 'low' road in conflicts admitting to my mistakes if I am at fault.
You can read up more about me in the post (comment reply) linked above.
Due to all of this - I have learned to try and see the humor in any situation (coping mechanism). People may find it strange or weird, but this helps me.
Yes, I have had some good friends, one particularly good friend in HS, but we lost touch over the years. So, for all intents and purposes, I am alone - the only communication I have is the occasional talk with my family, for business or the odd message to a friend over whatsapp. I don't have social media as it is simply depressing to read/scroll through it - I find to be an absolute waste of time.
Many relationships with other guys tend to be limited to the place of meeting i.e. university, work, etc. Chances are it is my fault - but I never follow up on these relationships outside of the place of meeting as these relationships (I consider) to be shallow, even with some intelligent people, I feel they are...shallow, "wet behind the ears" or they simply don't care about you enough. I only had 2 good friends in recent years, one moved away to another city for work, the other recently went over to South Korea to join a startup in a high specialized field.
Female relationships:
For my whole life, I have never had some form of companionship (girlfriend or otherwise - I am straight). There were 3 girls I was fond of - 2 from my church. (This is a long story, but both turned out to be completely different to me, one is a party goer, the other is religious...narrow minded). I am an athiest, if I had to classify myself. The whole "what religion are you", what party (politics) do you vote for, etc is an absolute waste of time....sort of busy work that at the end of the day gets you nowhere. (just my opinion)
TL;DR, Problem:
I have built up walls from an early age to ignore any feelings of wanting to be in a relationship. This has helped me focus on what is important - work, etc. If ever I felt the need for intimacy, If nature ever called, I would pull a MJ (beat it...yes, humour) and get that "post-nut" clarity to get back on track. Since I came across 2 channels on Youtube (per chance) - please note, I don't subscribe to any of the feminist, MGTOW, group BS as once again, it is a waste of time and energy.
  1. Roma Army [/channel/UCEh7V-I77Cs9st5gtH4wd7w](/channel/UCEh7V-I77Cs9st5gtH4wd7w)
  2. Jennifer Moleski [/usejnfrmo](/usejnfrmo)
I watched a few of #1, meh, and found #2 (Youtube suggestion), and watched this video (What Is The Role of Women)[/watch?v=TNFWCNABOoM] with the thumbnail text F*ck the war out of men. While listening to this, it started stirring some...feelings. A feeling like I exist, men exist, people know of us. The feeling I got was similar to a puppy/dog having been abused their whole life and when finally receiving affection, it doesn't know what to do with the attention (and would prefer it to stop as it seemed unnatural and natural at the same time). I forced myself to continue watching and I found what she described the definition of a man to be as something very appealing (in a broad sense, I think it is a very good definition). The role of a woman she describe was something I found very appealing - something I feel I am longing for, but knowing that I am so messed up emotionally, I cannot bring myself to want to be in a relationship for fear of rejection, or hurting my partner. One of...rather my biggest fear is if I had a son/daughter, that if this kid would feel even 0.1% the way I felt towards my father...I wouldn't be able to live with myself!
Ever since, this, with the addition of other videos (mostly advocating for men and where men are important) - I started feeling lonely, empty, need for intimacy and where I am unable to even get it all. I have no need for "sex" as it were, only someone to love me (honestly, I don't know what that means, but I think it is what I need).
These high and mighty walls are crumbling from all the patches (yes, a software dev joke)...I don't have any fix for them anymore.
Any advice?
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2020.09.22 02:44 TRPonlySubsBanTRPppl I'm struggling as an MGTOW. This isn't an MGTOW celebration post, but I'm hoping the community will support anyway.

I have no difficulty staying away from women. I'm hardly interested in them. My libido is low, my defenses are high, my tolerance of women approaching and testing me is high, and I'm happy alone. That is not my issue.
My issue is that the power of women and simps are much greater than me. At work, I got pushed out of a job because a had a female boss who was socially abusive and couldn't do her job. She set me up to fail, shamed me, and scapegoated me for everything that didn't work. I chose joblessness over that. I probably would have gone insane or gotten fired if I stayed any longer anyway.
I've since been struggling financially. I've been living off savings and took a simple job. However, I had the same issues. Another female boss. Another insecure female ego who took everything personally (she would argue with me and refuse my time off and vacations. Everything was a damn fight). Another person who was willing to lie and throw simps at me. I lost that job due to (unrelated) health reasons. I could no longer do it. I barely miss it. It was 70% procedural physical labor, so the abuse wasn't a huge deal, but it does make a difference not having the support of many people around you.
I don't really know where to go from here. It feels so liberating to be MGTOW and I love the freedom. Yesterday at the store, a woman asked me to help her carry out a few of her bags and said she would carry out the others. I was like what am I, her servant? She had a grocery cart, did all her shopping herself, and was picking out heavy bags for herself to carry. She was just being lazy and opportunistic in asking me, so I told her no and kept on walking. Boy, was she offended. It felt so good to not have to do that for her. She must get so many simps and white knights to be offended like that! Or maybe, she just thinks so little of me that I look like a servant to her. Either way, I was happy to leave her stranded with the same day to day life that me and everyone else has to deal with.
As satisfying as these little victories are, they are not helping me succeed with money. 20-55% of work places are women. Another 20-40% are simps. I can't wage war on women by doing my work and not their work. They take that as a personal slight and then it's me against the women and simps (and other allies, including HR and everyone who knows inside that they were a diversity hire).
It's fucked up, but I think that I have to act as a simp at least initially, until I know what I can get away with without inciting their wrath. I don't like living in fear and bowing to the over lords, but I need to make some money. I would also rather live in fear than live in pain, which I've discovered is a lot worse and only leads to being even more afraid. If women try to take advantage of me or try to establish a personal relationship, I can always stand them up, misunderstand them, or use various other tactics that women use to fend off unwanted attention when they are not able to be direct.
Support, thoughts, and experiences would be helpful. I'm not too far away from homelessness at this point and I would much rather not be homeless.
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2020.09.22 02:42 Ricepill_dispensary White MRA/MGTOW/Incels discuss going to Asia to get laid, while shitting on Asian men

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2020.09.22 02:25 Frinkst21 The dissonance between media and reality

Have you ever noticed how the male protagonist in movies tend to be almost MGTOW? In books, movies and video games individuality, thinking for yourself and not being a slave is being held up as virtues but in real life it's really not. We go to work, read the news, get married.
It's pretty funny that it's so different. I also read somewhere that stories often to tell us things we're not aware of and we often fail to apply what we see into our own lives.
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2020.09.22 01:59 TC-Wheeler What percentage of people in the manosphere do you think are mentally ill or have personality disorders?

Every once in a while I see people theredpill and asktrp subs I’ll see people who openly explain that they clinically diagnosed narcissists or sociopaths. If you look at the symptoms of NPD or antisocial PD, they sometimes lines up pretty well with red pill and mgtow principals and for the people open about their conditions, I’ve even seen their negative traits being encouraged. Like I said I’ve only seen a few here and there be open about it, but out of experience what percentage of rpers would you guess might have mental or personality disorders?
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2020.09.22 01:27 Purple_The_Saviour How would Z-Fighters feel about MGTOW?

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2020.09.21 23:06 mikropsolis I'm out

I've been a long time postecontributor to the spread of black pill however I have decided to leave this community.The reason behind my decision is the fact that this sub, the last 2 months, has been full of red pilled - mgtow guys. I don't give a shit about your ideology however I am not willing to interact everyday with a bunch of delusional, arrogant ppl who blame their inability to form friendships/sexual relationships to anything else but their appearance.A few minutes ago i came across a red pilled dude claiming that he is thinking of thugmaxxing in order to gain respect from females. a mgtow dude said that in 1950s it was better bcs women didn't care about appearance(???) and everyone was getting married(???). these are just a few examples of ppl who haven't accepted the black pill. They perform mental gymnastics in order to avoid facing the truth. the reason behind your social failure is your UGLY FACE. This is it bro. Doesn't matter if u are a killer, a scientist, an athlete, a scholar, a tik-toker.Only the attractive ones are going to have social and sexual acceptance. And that's nature.It is nobody's fault except your parents who decided not to abort you.
idk i hope we meet again brocels in a real black pill community.
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2020.09.21 22:45 TheOGJammies r/MGTOW sums up the dating world: “Most men can't get most women, most women find most men unworthy”. Thoughts?

MGTOW sums up the dating world: “Most men can't get most women, most women find most men unworthy”. Thoughts? submitted by TheOGJammies to FemaleDatingStrategy [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 17:04 HarshTruth69 Why are most men who claim to be awake/MGTOW still gynocentric and engage in platonic relationships?

Also make up is a red flag and it's almost like the universe or god or whatever gave females universally worse or even hideous appearances compared to the infinitely more compassionate male counter parts
EDIT they are also one blow job away from the plantation ( many of them ) I consider myself a true MGTOW volcel monk and I'm in the process of abandoning masturbation
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2020.09.21 07:57 yusi5z15 I guess I am ready to be one of you guys

I posted this on MGTOW but mods did not approve it so I'm posting this here too
I have been in this sub for a while. I read a lot of horroble stories about relationships and women being bitches. Everytime I read your stories, I said "I don't belive all women can be like these. There's suppose to be a good, wholesome girl." Oh boy how wrong was I... Get yourself comfortable boys. This story is going to be long. Firstly I met this girl at 10th grade. I saw her as my friend and nothing more. Not even a bit of a sexual desire for her. She was my one of the best friends. I trusted what she said because of that. She me and a few people created a group and chill together etc. I liked listening to music and I had a passion for paper planes all alone and I was really easy to spot because of these. I sometimes got very late for the class because of that. I tried to be nice and kind to everyone. I used to be very good at biology (this part is required for the context of one of the stories). I aced all my tests with 100 points. I was studying for the olympiads so I was one year ahead of everyone in the school at biology. Sometimes teachers send junior students to me to help them (this part is important too) with biology. I and my best buddy used to chill together in the lunchbreaks, talk about technology and games and memes most of the time. Now that we got all the information about everything let's get where the story goes very horrifying. She used to ditch us when we planned something, have a drink etc. We didn't care so much because that would be probably because she had courses. Anyways, after we took the university test. And got the results, she left from the whatsapp group we created. I was really sad and confused because why would she do something like that? I tried to reach her and call her multiple times but she did not answer any of my calls. Then one of the gossipers of the whatsapp group told me everything. Apperantly she had a crush on me at around 10th grade. And she was slutty, slept around a lot and even posted her nude pics to the gossiper(I will call him that.). And there was a gossip that me and my bud were gay and were together. She got frustreted and pissed and started making up disgusting gossips about me and kept the first gossip anout me going. About how big my penis is, how I do it with my buddy in the locker room and she would do it with me, and because I help juniors about biology she claimed I have senpai fetish(I watched anime a lot) also she claimed I was a pedophile and going to be a biology teacher and try to fuck the minors. When I heard about this I couldn't believe it. She was one of my best friends. How could and how dare she do that? I probably won't trust any girl again guys. I am really sad and angry and just learned that about an hour ago. But, on the bright side, I did not get harmed because of her and her bitchy gossips. She is apperantly unstable and I dodged a bullet by friendzoning her. Everything was left behind, none of her accusations can harm me, and I got accepted in one of the best universities in my country while she failed the test and has to wait another year for taking it. Sadly buddy failed too. Sometimes we play some games online and keep in touch. I am 18, didn't lose my virginity, not planning lose it and I am proud of it.
By the way guys, imagine my posting this on the AITA and some idiots would try to defend her with something like "It's your fault that she thought that you were a pedophile"
I got furious. I wanted to trash my room, smash my computer, hit my head until I pass out. Writing this made me very calm.
Anyway bros... How's your life going? I hope you kings are standing up no matter what troubles you are against. You probably had been through something worse than I had. I respect you guys.
tldr; I friendzoned her without knowing she had a crush on me. she got frustreted and started making up rumors about me being gay and a pedophile. This hit very hard because I saw her as one of my best friends .
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2020.09.21 04:58 ArlousTheCat A quick question about platonic friendships with women.

Good afternoon to anyone who might respond to my question.
I've been red pilled for a few months now. I've been watching Better Bachelor (Joker) on Youtube, along with his Donovan Sharpe and some others. I frequently watch and read information on RedPill and MGTOW knowledge. I'm 21 and in the military, i've been working hard, making myself eligible for promotions, going to the gym everyday, saving money, and just trying to make myself a high value man.
For my question, is it bad to have a platonic relationship with a female coworker who I've known since high school? The rest of my relationships are with men, Marines, friends from back home, and a gym partner that I hang out with daily. We met in high school and joined the Marine Corps around the same time. Our relationship is strictly platonic and we don't have interest in each other (to my knowledge). I was just curious if platonic relationships with women who aren't family members is ill advised or if I should cut her off entirely.
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2020.09.21 01:26 despisesunrise MGTOW admits that since joining the community and becoming "redpilled", he has been feeling lost, depressed and suicidal. I hope he escapes the hatecult before it's too late.

MGTOW admits that since joining the community and becoming submitted by despisesunrise to IncelTear [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 01:18 despisesunrise Another MGTOW comparing alimony to rape and claiming that "financial rape" is just as bad, if not worse than "sexual rape"

Another MGTOW comparing alimony to rape and claiming that submitted by despisesunrise to IncelTear [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 23:55 memphisborn1962 Why have men been so proficient creating terrorist groups targeting women/feminists but can't manage to create a movement aimed at solving men's issues?

A recent post on menslib got me thinking how successful men have been creating movements aimed at terrorizing, dehumanizing, abusing women and trying to destroy the rightful gains of women/feminists but can't manage to create a positive and productive movement aimed at helping men.
As a first responder for 20 years you see first hand the consequences of men having issues that aren't addressed and how they wreak havoc on not only themselves but society as a whole. Destruction, mayhem, grief, pain that women haven't even come close to causing. Between untreated mental illness (suicide) and substance abuse we have easily around 140,000 men dead a year. Men have created hate groups addressing every grievance they have against women before they've created a group to address something as catastrophic as an epidemic of men dying in shocking numbers due to mental illness and substance abuse. I hate women, they won't have sex with me, incels. I hate women but want to have sex with them, how do I go about it in the most vile and dehumanizing way, PUAs. I hate women and I pretend I don't want to have sex or a relationship with women, while stalking women out to inform them I don't want a relationship with a woman, MGTOW. I hate women and want them stripped of the rights feminists have worked hard for the last 100+ years to gain, oh and we hate minorities and marginalized people too and as a footnote I want to bitch and moan about men's issues while doing nothing to solve them, MRAs. All that has come before any real attempt to help men so that society can be much safer and equitable.
Men have pushed their issues aside in favor of either doing Jack shit or creating hate groups targeting women. I'd be interested in hearing from feminists why this is?
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2020.09.20 23:02 Fuzzy-Scene These guys at MGTOW are hilarious with their memes. They actually think women just exist and thats it!

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Agreed. MGTOW is such a misnomer. They go in everyone's way to let them know they're "going their own way."
Some say if you say "FGM" three times in the mirror, an MRA comes out with his pud in his...
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2020.09.20 19:17 R10E [r/Buttcoin] Trade your butthurt for buttcoin in the wilds of Reddit MGTOW-land

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2020.09.20 19:17 throwaway8978666 Trade your butthurt for buttcoin in the wilds of Reddit MGTOW-land

You too can be REEEEEwarded for complaining about your inability to get laid. Don't REEEEE for free!
REAP, or should that be REEEEEAP, tokens announced
Everybody into the big flushy pool for REEEEEAP
Claim your REEEEEAP tokens, the founder will back them up financially, we promise
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2020.09.20 18:55 TristanPowell Would SIMP be considered the exact opposite of MGTOW? and who deserves to be worshipped?

This genuinely what they think! I believe nobody man or women deserves to be worshipped. Only person you should worship is your self! Apparently this belief is wrong do women deserve to be worshipped? Should men worship women? Aren't we just SIMP's at that point?
Video is just an example of what I am talking about
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2020.09.20 17:56 Herren117 The event that planted the seeds of MGTOW in my brain.

I was 16 years old (I am now 28)attending an Air cadets camp for Introduction to Instruction Course (ITIC), this was a 3 week course that was supposed to get me ready to instruct fellow cadets at my home squadron.
But after a week in it became a living hell, I nievely reached out for help telling them that I have a learning disability and they turned on me. They hated me for something that I was born with they called me retard and asked me insulting questions, they tried to get me to snap so I can get sent home.
When I wouldn't snap they decided to spread a rumor to where I sexually assaulted two girls in the messhall during lunch accusing me of putting my hand down their pants, they got two girls that I didn't even know existed let alone had any interaction to go along with the story.
I lost it but didn't resort to violence I went to a chaplain, these rumours made it to the Chief Warrant Officer who was second only to the CO of the entire camp, normally he would've just sent me home but decided to investigate.
There was a bad flu spreading through the camp, I was one victim that was isolated for 24hrs, I was still recovering at the time of the accusations so the claims didn't make sense to him that was my saving grace.
I was spared but I was to stay 5ft away from these girls and all the other cadets were all too happy to exclude me from activities, since then I've always had a mistrust of women yes I've had relationships and sex but never fully trusted my past partners, that was the event that planted the seeds of MGTOW in my brain.
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2020.09.20 14:36 MadForHatters MGTOW post a meme that’s just a list of slurs for women. The post currently has more than 800 upvotes. They are terrible at Going Their Own Way.

MGTOW post a meme that’s just a list of slurs for women. The post currently has more than 800 upvotes. They are terrible at Going Their Own Way. submitted by MadForHatters to BanFemaleHateSubs [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:23 zoomie1977 Of course, it couldn't possibly be incels calling for women to have all their rights taken away and be made into sex slaves. Naw, its gotta be cuz inceldom and mgtow "ruin the narrative". /s

Of course, it couldn't possibly be incels calling for women to have all their rights taken away and be made into sex slaves. Naw, its gotta be cuz inceldom and mgtow submitted by zoomie1977 to IncelTear [link] [comments]

Why She Hates MGTOW - YouTube Sandman - YouTube MGTOW: Symptom of a Dysfunctional Society - YouTube When Women Find MGTOW! - YouTube MGTOW Are Male Feminists - YouTube The Truth About Women, MGTOW & Marriage That You Need To ... Sydney MGTOW - YouTube

Forums MGTOW

  1. Why She Hates MGTOW - YouTube
  2. Sandman - YouTube
  3. MGTOW: Symptom of a Dysfunctional Society - YouTube
  4. When Women Find MGTOW! - YouTube
  5. MGTOW Are Male Feminists - YouTube
  6. The Truth About Women, MGTOW & Marriage That You Need To ...
  7. Sydney MGTOW - YouTube
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  9. Men Ignoring Women - MGTOW - YouTube

mgtow stands for men going their own way. This is a video I put together about what happens when women find it and the reaction they have to it. Some rage so... 604863d10ef008fe Keeping it real ever since I knew what it was to be real. Why does the existence of men going their own way create an emotional crisis for many women? If we as men take the energy, resources and time that we normall... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. These MGTOW / incel / WGTOW / rad fem posts on Tumblr remind me why we need Feminism / Egalitatianism so much - why can't people just be treated like people?... Hey, check this out… 👉🏼 If you want to find out if you're a true Bulldog or a Chihuahua: Take the Bulldog Mindset Quiz: I... MGTOW Are Male Feminists 'Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW, pronounced (/ˈmɪɡtaʊ/)) is a mostly pseudonymous online community supported by websites and social ... Support My Channel! Download Free ⚔️ Vikings War Of Clans Here IOS: Android: And Get 200 💰 Gold And a 🏥 Pro... Men Ignoring Women - MGTOW Sponsor Link: Lindsay Transmission Service Kit Lindsay Lindsay Transmission Service 1111 South Maguire...