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Serious Sam 4: A Seriously Good Time

2020.09.25 23:34 OutcastMunkee Serious Sam 4: A Seriously Good Time

Having finished the game just now, I did say I wanted to post up a proper review of the game. As a warning, there will be some spoilers in this review so if you haven't finished the game yet or are thinking about playing it, this is your warning about the review. I'll try to mark the major stuff so you can avoid those.
This review is being done on the game prior to the hotfix that went out within the last hour or so. The state of the game now is not going to be exactly the same as what I experienced.
I'm gonna preface this review by saying that unlike some, I did enjoy Serious Sam 3 so going into 4, I already had a good feeling about the game. My initial playthrough was done on Normal difficulty.
For the sake of clarity, I was running on the following PC specs:
So, how did the game handle itself? Pretty well. My rig is hardly top of the line. It's mid-range and affordable so I wasn't expecting extremely good quality but despite my rig's parts, I was impressed with the performance for the most part. The game was able to maintain 60-80fps after using the autodetect. After doing some tinkering prior to the last few missions, I reduced some settings like the density of pebbles, flowers etc. shadow render distance and more and saw a substantial increase of frames to 100+ fps at almost all times.
Running the game with medium-ish graphics settings, it looks fantastic. Players on higher end rigs will no doubt get an even better picture quality than I did because you'll be able to run the game on higher settings. There was very little issue with the graphics themselves. A few problems with texture pop-ins but that was exclusively happening in cutscenes and not in actual gameplay.
However, there was some noticeable performance drops at times. The two problematic things that affected performance was related to a specific enemy and to a specific environment. When killing Belchers (the big yellow vomiting polyps) at shorter ranges, the mist they leave behind after exploding would cause some frame drops, going so far as halving frame rate for about a second or so. Presumably an optimisation issue with the particles but with some testing, lowering the particle density may resolve this issue and it may just be that and there is no actual optimisation problems there.
As for environmental, Italy ran like a dream. There was no performance problems at all even in the larger areas. France on the other hand is where the environment didn't play too nice. At some places and most noticeable in the countryside, the frame rate would go a bit wonky and drop from 80fps down to as low as 25-30. Again, this could be an optimisation problem or a problem with the autodetect assigning settings that are too high for my rig.
Otherwise? Frame rates were solid throughout the game. That doesn't mean you should dismiss anyone who does experience problems though because at the time of my completing the game, there are players who have either refunded the game or are waiting for hotfixes in order to make the game play better and that's a perfectly valid criticism to make of the game.
Weapons, Enemies and Gameplay
Time for the meat and potatoes! Now I'm hungry... Serious Sam 4 took the arsenal and ramped it up to 11. With the introduction of the dual wielding system, the arsenal of weapons at your disposal amplifies massively. It's a bit weird using dual wield on mouse and keyboard-controller players will likely find it much easier to use but that aside, the dual wield makes for cutting down the hordes absolutely insane and badass at the same time. You're still gonna be dancing through the enemy projectiles but firing off the minigun AND laser at the same time is a beautiful sight to behold.
The weapons themselves? Every single one is viable. This was a huge glaring flaw in Serious Sam 3. As the game progressed, you'd be relying on the same few weapons instead of using everything at your disposal. In Serious Sam 4, you can use every single weapon effectively. Wanna use the pistol? Go for it. Pump shotgun? Sure! Grenade launcher? You got it! Every single weapon can be used and while some are better than others in certain situations, they will all work (except boss fights but why on earth would you be plinking away with a pistol against the bosses?! Are you serious?!).
Time for minor spoilers on the weapons here so I'll mark where the spoilers end for the weapons after this paragraph. The weapons upgrades? They are AMAZING. Croteam did a fantastic job. There may be some that I missed because I missed an absolute crap-ton of the secrets but the weapon upgrades make the weapons go from awesome to incredible. Firing a barrage of locked on missiles from the rocket launcher? Hell yes. Huge glowing beam of death from upgrading the laser? Fuck yes. Cluster bombs from the grenade launcher? Perfect for the crowds of smaller enemies. Excellent work here.
Now for a new addition to the arsenal-gadgets! Gonna be honest here... They need a wheel like the weapons do because it is really friggin' clunky trying to cycle through the gadgets mid-battle while everything is flying at me. I just can't use the gadgets effectively and I only ended up using a few of them and not the huge variety there is. They feel like they could be such a good addition but with how clunky it is to find the right gadget, I found myself avoiding them more than using them with the exception of the L.I.F.E canisters. Those saved my life a few times. The idea behind them is great, the execution not so much. If a gadget wheel is added so I can hold the button down to select the gadget, I'm definitely more likely to use them in gameplay.
Some of the gadgets you'll know as some of the superpower buffs from the older Serious Sam titles like Serious Damge and Serious Speed. Those are rolled into one gadget. Allowing the player to use these on demand is great and they're not very abundant if you don't seek out the secrets which is a great balance for them because they can easily turn the tide of a battle when you do use them.
On to the enemies. My personal opinion on the enemies is that the redesigns of some of them are absolutely awesome. The Gnaars look scary and intimidating, the Kleer look like they're actually magically reconstructed now, the Khnum look like actual brutish enemies that need a lot of firepower to bring down and there's a slew of new enemies that fit the game perfectly like the Processed. I love every single enemy in this game. Except the Pyromaniacs. I hate them. These need to be looked at because some of their flame attacks seem to be really awkward and deal damage when they shouldn't. Their mobility can make them really frustrating to fight as well.
The Pyromaniacs are the only enemy in the game I do not like to fight at all. They're too fast for their bulkiness and the supposed rupturing of their fuel tanks never worked for me no matter how many bullets I put in the things. I'd have to gun them down with my firearms instead.
The core gameplay of Serious Sam is still there and it's great. The bullet hell dancing and dodging while dealing with hordes of enemies feels as great as ever and just feels so satisfying. If you love Serious Sam for the way you move around the battlefield dodging between enemies and projectiles while you return fire and mow them down, Serious Sam 4 won't disappoint in this regard.
The secrets are a classic mainstay of the series and they make their return as per usual BUT the secrets in this game are a lot harder to find from my personal experience. Out of the 100+ secrets across the game, I found roughly 10. Yup, you read that right. The secrets are pretty well hidden but there's some parkour secrets as well. Those secrets? The parkour ones? I hate them in Serious Sam 4. They're incredibly frustrating to get to because Sam constantly slips and slides off the environment and thin ledges and walls you should be standing on to jump to them and in some cases, it's just not at all obvious how to parkour to the secrets. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out how to reach one before giving up.
The S.A.M system is something I like. Mostly. I'm not sure if it's possible to fill out the entire tree of 17 skills. I got about 8 or so skills. The skills don't substantially alter the gameplay and offer nice little bonuses like being able to reload and shoot while sprinting or boosting damage when low on health. I'm not a fan of them locking the melee kills behind the skills though. Requiring players to spec their skills into the melee skills in order to do things we could do in Serious Sam 3 is kinda weird...
Speaking of melee kills, it seems like Serious Sam 4's melee attacks are really inconsistent on when they want to let you do them. Sometimes I can melee an enemy and other times I can't. This might be another bug that needs fixing.
Final thing to comment on is the Legion System. Playing through on Normal difficulty, I feel like this sytem wasn't being pushed all that hard. It was definitely easy to notice where it was being used and it does work really well. I had no performance issues when huge crowds of enemies were on my screen and I'm beyond impressed that they were able to pull it off but it would've been nice to see more large scale battles or just large crowds of enemies showing up during the traveling through the countryside of France. That was a prime opportunity that was missed out on. Maybe that'll be fixed later down the line or higher difficulty settings will alter this.
The vehicle segments were all solid too. Not dominant parts of the game either except for France's countryside. It all fits well into the game. The controls on the motorbike are a bit janky though. Would've been nice if it could be controlled with the mouse instead of the keyboard. Felt like I skidded out of control way too much.
Story, NPCs and Dialogue
Ok, so, this is a bit of a weird spot in my opinion. It's the part of the game that has me kinda sitting on the fence.
The story of the game is mostly through audio recordings and notes found throughout the game so it's not been shoehorned in. It's completely optional if you want to read and listen to it all but it adds some nice bits of lore that don't disrupt the game in any way or take away from it. Fleshing out the Serious Sam universe via optional items is a great way to do it. This is something I very much approve of and it gives a little extra reward for those who explore or like to read and listen to stories. A lot of people were concerned that the story would somehow completely alter the game. Don't worry, it didn't! It's been handled exactly how it should be in this kind of game.
The NPCs on the other hand... I'm gonna be honest here, I like what they were going for but the enemy AI focuses too much on the AI partners when you've got one or more with you. I think it's good that the AI actually deal damage and kill enemies because there's gonna be parts of the game on higher difficulties where you'll be glad they've got your back but the fact the enemies focus on your AI buddies so much is a bit of a problem. It feels like I don't need to worry about my health and armour with the AI around sometimes because too many enemies will miss me and then start attacking Kenny, Rodriguez, Jones, Hellfire etc. instead and completely ignore me while I gun them down. It'd be nice if this could be changed so that the enemies don't aggro on AI partners as much.
The dialogue is cheesy, corny, full of one-liners and jokes with some crass humour that is still respectful... And that is exactly how it should be! The complaints about this make no sense at all because Serious Sam has always been very cheesy humour and comedic in nature. The games never take themselves seriously despite the namesake of the series and it's brilliant. Hearing Sam and his allies cracking jokes all the time as they tear down hordes never gets old. It really feels like the EDF are a proper team. Serious Sam 3 was too gritty and grim. It had some great jokes in there and it had the humour like lines such as 'Oh it's not over until I teabag every last one of you alien motherfuckers' but Serious Sam 4 brought it back to form with the comedy and it's definitely a welcome sight.
The animations for dialogue aren't fantastic and I'm not expecting it to be considering they're using makeshift software to do it. It's sufficient and it's improved since SS3, that's for sure. The movement animations on enemies are solid but the ally NPCs can be a bit stiff in gameplay comapred to cutscenes. As a side note, that punch we see in the trailer that was a bit floaty? Looks a lot better in the game now. Feels like there's some real heft behind the punch.
The side missions are all really fun. Nothing too challenging but still can be tough but all of them are worth it for the rewards. Don't skip these unless you're speedrunning. It's worth it to do these for the action and rewards.
Audio and Music
So, I'm gonna start with the audio here. To be completely honest, there's a pretty glaring flaw with the audio in that directional audio rarely ever works properly assuming it's in the game. I had a lot of trouble determining where enemies where in the heat of a battle. I had no problems hearing enemies when the fight is starting but once it's underway? That Sirian Werebull that just charged past me? I can't hear where it is and then I get one of it's horns up my arse because of it. This is a really big problem and I'm really hoping it's just a bug because Serious Sam 3's directional audio was great. I'd know if an enemy was to the left or right of me just by listening for the audio cues. In Serious Sam 4, that's a problem and it's annoying.
The actual audio design is great. The weapons sound beefy and monstrous like they should do (looking at you double barrel shotgun in Serious Sam 3...) and the audio really helps add to the feeling that these weapons pack a real punch and are designed to shred through hordes of aliens. Significant improvements made and I couldn't be happier. The explosions aren't overwhelmingly loud either which is fantastic because good lord they were loud in Serious Sam 3 sometimes. Serious Sam 4 has balanced that out.
The music? Damjan nailed it once again. His work in Serious Sam 4 has really helped add to the tone of the areas you're in and some of the music that appears in the game will have players fall in love with his work once again.
Closing Thoughts
If you've made it this far and read through the review, you'll know that I've enjoyed the game. It's not perfect and I didn't expect perfection nor a AAA quality experience. Croteam are a small studio working with makeshift tools and software to get the game made which is gonna have an impact for sure. There's noticeable things like the animation not being stellar with dialogue but it's still good. It could be better and maybe they'll improve it in the next game. There's definitely flaws to the game as well which I've highlighted above and hopefully the ones that can be fixed and improved will be.
Overall, I'd give Serious Sam 4 a solid 8/10. It's a great game for mindlessly killing aliens and just having an absolute blast with the sheer mayhem. The flaws of the game do hurt it a bit and some of can be fixed while others will need to be worked on for future games in the series.
Definitely worth the £30 I paid for the game and I'll definitely be playing it more in the future. Hopefully we'll see some additional modes like a Survival mode and maybe some DLC where we get to play as Hellfire for example. That would be fun to see what she got up to during the campaign.
Fantastic addition to the Serious Sam series. Nice work Croteam!
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2020.09.25 23:21 Hufflepuff_Cosmos Queer soon-to-be-dad needs new series to read to baby in utero. Harry Potter (long time dream) now crushed and off the table.

I hope this is in the right place and if it isn't, any suggestions on where it should go would be phenomenal!
Hey all! So, my partner and I are now 13 weeks pregnant and we are both trans people so our path has been difficult but there's one think I've been looking forward to for SO LONG! And thats reading the Harry Potter series to my partnebaby starting around 20 weeks pregnant. I love the series, grew up with it, and even have a (dope!) Hufflepuff tattoo. The series has meant a lot to me. BUUT, Rowling has been quite awful, as of late. I've been following her downward spiral into hate, but I justified still reading them because I already own the books, et cetera. Well, a few days ago she promoted a terrible transphobic merchandise company (and I mean horrible, teir only purpose is selling transphobic apparel. I can share the link if anyone would like). Now I simply cannot read this series. Period. It just is against my morals now and I'd rather get into a new series to replace this one, in a sense.
So now, I am left a little crushed because I have beem waiting for this moment for YEARS and I'm finally only a few weeks away and it gets torn from me.
Now I am looking for other ideas of series to read. I don't want children's books and I'm not big into Sci-fi or fantasy really. Young adult, adult, fiction, fun, series, good messages, heart warming, no gore or foul language. If something, anything, comes to mind then shout it out! I'm very open.
Thanks for listening!
P.s. Eragon and star wars were suggested. An idea I had was the original Sherlock holms, which I've never read so idk how good that is? I'm taking any ideas and will let y'all know what I land on, too!
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2020.09.25 23:19 iamapsychocat He cheated. I'm having to prove myself?

My(21f) partner(21m) cheated on me with a mutual friend when she moved back to the usa for just under a month. After I found out she sent a series of messages over 3 days telling me that I should kill myself and that I didn't deserve him, I was ruining his life.
He requested that I take a polygraph to prove that I wasn't lying about her telling me to kill myself. The only reason I didn't end up going through with that is because it's $800 and I am poor.
Subsequently she got blocked on an Instagram account that I help manage. One of the other admins has admitted to doing it, but my partner will not believe that until he's talked to them in person. He's said I have to prove it wasn't me or else he's leaving.
Am I right in thinking that this is a little bit insane? Or should I have to prove myself?
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2020.09.25 23:09 Lovetheangelshadow Splinterbark: For My Entertainment CH 11

Chapter 11: Devils, Tigers, and Secrets

Shelly was having her knee wrapped up that evening by her mother. She had lost control of her skates and had collided into the barrier wall of the rink resulting in a slight sprain in her leg. Thomas was seated uncomfortably in the Holmes’ living room as he watched. Shelly had actually caught on to the basics pretty quickly, but then decided to push herself by going faster despite Thomas trying to tell her to ease up. It did not help a couple of his buddies from the roller derby club kind of riled her up by going circles past her. With her already in a self-depreciating mood thanks to Reed, it was easy to make her try to catch up. Not being able to handle faster speeds, she crashed hard. As president of the club, he was going to have a few choice words with them next meeting. Frix grumbled and clutched his knee yelling about how much in agony he was in even though Shelly was the only one who could see and hear him. If she did not want to seem like a lunatic, she would have right then and there chastised him reminding the imp that he encouraged her to speed faster and try and beat them. He had even started calling her a few choice words when she had started to lag behind.
Vivian had completed her first aid and offered Thomas a snack since it was getting late. She could even drive him and his bike home with the second company truck since it was getting dark or call his parents.
“No, I’m good, Mrs. Holmes. Mom is probably on her way to work right now anyway.”
“And your father?” Thomas paused and swallowed hard. This was the first time Shelly had really seen him even look crestfallen even if it was just for a flash. She did not appear to be the only one who caught his glint of discomfort at the question.
“Oh. Would you at least care for something to eat before you go? Sam is cooking tonight.”
“No I…I really need to get home. I got to have dinner ready for mom when she gets home. I appreciate it though. Maybe some other time.” When Thomas and his vehicle had disappeared around the bend, Shelly asked her mother an offbeat question.
“Hey mom, do you know a Mrs. Altamiri?” She mentioned that the woman asked if she was the daughter of someone named Vivian. Shelly said nothing about the less than pleased attitude the woman had when she confirmed it.
“Lenora Altamiri…I haven’t had personal connections with that name in almost fifteen years.”
“So you know her?”
“Used to be friends. Truth be told though I haven’t talked to her since her second son was born. We…had an unpleasant disagreement. Oh right, you’re classmates with her younger son right? What was his name again? Rodger. Ramses?”
“It’s Reed, mom.” Shelly giggled.
At the dinner table Arthur was scrolling through his phone despite Vivian telling him several times to put it away.
“They just filed a missing person’s report on Nathanial Ronder. Hey, isn’t the guy a producer at the station, hon?”
“He shouldn’t have even had that position after the fire incident. I’m amazed Madame Tink has been able to keep face after that”, Vivian grumbled.
“I wished she lost her face that day”, Arthur snarled. Shelly asked Sam what they were talking about and Sam just shrugged. It sounded like it was something that happened long before he came to Cadric City. Arthur stood up from the table and went into the living room. When he came back, he had his old red leather-bound photo album with him. Shelly had seen the book before. Her father had a way of keeping newspaper clippings of local crimes/mysteries that interested him from a bizarre larceny spree to monster sightings in Cadric Park. She had only seen the book once or twice to memory because Vivian forbade him to do it. He opened to a page where a singular article had been pressed inside the clear sleeves. The headline read “Ronder Bailey Circus Fire Spectacular a Blaze of Death”. The largest picture was the charred interior of the Cadric Arena’s second stage. The photos underneath were less than pleasant and he turned the book away from his daughter before she got a good look. Vivian complained at this but then said there was no use dodging the question his daughter was itching to ask.
“There was a fire at the last show of the Ronder Circus because one of the final acts went horribly wrong. I was there when it happened. Protestors led by Madame Tink had barged in and distracted one of the performers. The blaze nearly consumed the whole building. By the time they got the fire under control, both sections of the arena’s interiors were practically burned out.” Sam folded his arms and nodded.
“I’ve seen this kind of thing happen before. These kinds of events are like throwing a stone into a still pond. The ripples have consequences.”
“Consequences by eye. Madame Tink barely got a slap on the wrist. Sure Ronder went under the radar for a while…hey didn’t you have a pal who investigated the fire say that the reason the fire was as bad as it was because of safety violations?” Arthur inquired.
“You mean Julian Wyrmglade? Yea I think so. But I don’t believe it ever got published publically before he retired. His notes might still be in the vault though. He used to keep copies of his notes down there.” Shelly began tapping on her chin. She was now remembering that she had this conversation with her parents before. Though this was the first time of her ever hearing the name Julian. Maybe Thomas or Mr. Blackbird knew? It still did not help unless she knew the captives could be held. Once dinner was done, Shelly excused herself to bed early under the excuse of being tired after the midterms. There was something she had to look in to later that night.
The fastest way to get through to the Cadric City News building was the well-lit Feronia trail in Cadric Park. After hoping onto the light rail station near her house, Splinterbark hoped off at the Garden Station and peddled her bike hard through the well-worn trail. She was starting to be thankful for that six month public transportation pass the Valdus Academy had her mother pay. Frix still grumbled that they should have a proper vehicle for transport around this city. Well it was not like she could fly like Silver and Jinn or have a super jump like Hunter. She texted Blackbird if he knew anything about a Julian Wyrmglade or where the station would keep their archives. She didn’t expect to get a response-but with three people now kidnapped by Prism Beak and that freaky clown character- she had little time to dawdle. Useless was she? She was going to show that blonde brute just how useless she was. Wait that did not come out right in her head. Frix agreed with her. She did not need the Silver Guardian. Just the two of them could be the perfect team.
Splinterbark paused for a breather just outside the stone archway that marked the entrance to the Feronia Gardens. The low stonework fence had been heavily marked off with police tape though she did not see an officer in sight. A tug of curiosity pulled her steering close to the signpost and she walked inside. The doors of the atrium were still half open and much of the mess left behind from the party was still around. Splinterbark pulled a flashlight from her belt and scanned around. Her light fell to a pile of burnt ash and confetti. She remembered this was where the clown had disappeared with Madame Tink. She knelt down and saw that the ash had stuck to a clear set of footprints. The ground around them was still sticky too. Frix hovered low to the ground and commented the dirt smelled both smoky and sweet at the same time. The dust around was a fine powder that reminded her of old brick walls she used to help her father repair.
The pair then heard something clatter towards the back of the main auditorium. Alone in the dark the echoes seemed to increase in volume and Splinterbark thought she felt it against her chest. Frix muttered that they should leave while they still could. For once, her impish partner actually made a good idea. She did not have time to investigate every mysterious noise-not when she had a deadline to reach. After all, they were really only in this spot for a breather. She had to get to the news building and find those notes.
She had barely turned her foot towards the door when something burst out from the back doors of the main gallery. It was large and was sliding on all fours in her direction. Something else was following the massive thing that had just glided past her. This smaller shape’s armor gleamed in the moonlight and she could see two shimmering violet eyes behind a visor.
“Heya pixie!” Hunter chirped as he bounded past her to keep up with the dark creature he was chasing. The thing was trying to make it out the door until a crimson haze surrounded them and slammed them shut. The thing skidded to a halt and snarled at its pursuers. Splinterbark tried to squint to see just what it was Hunter and Jinn were fighting. In the excitement, she had dropped her flashlight and it rolled across the room. Her plan was to grab the light and maybe she could make it out the back. Frix whined that they could stay and fight this thing.
“Hunter doesn’t want us to interfere with his monster stuff again, remember. And once more, we don’t have time!” Splinterbark finally had her hand on the flashlight and held it low until she could find one of the two doors that led to the employee areas. Behind her she could hear Hunter teasing the roaring beast and the sound of the flooring scratching under its numerous claws. She knew she should have run, but inquisitiveness wanted to see what they were fighting. A quick peek wouldn’t hurt. Splinterbark gingerly turned her flashlight over towards the main wooden doors. At first all she saw as something black with dark purple stripes that seem to melt and shift over its oozy black fur. Hunter, as before, was actively jumping about and antagonizing the thing as much as he could get away with before even trying to strike back himself. Jinn was just trying to keep him from getting killed as each taunt the beast gotten ever closer to the bouncing beetle. Hunter managed to slide skid around the monster as it had nearly pinned him to the wall and jerked hard on its long serpentine tail. This cased the thing to turn its head almost completely around and the face shone right into the beam of Splinterbark’s flashlight.
The face was that of a tiger. Half of its face had been slashed thanks to Hunter and vicious onyx fluid was steadily dripping from the open wound on its cheek. Somehow light irritated the beast even more so than the terrible puns of the devil and it completely ignored Hunter as it bounded full force towards Splinterbark. At first the pink pixie had her bat in hand ready to smack it down but as it was almost upon her, she froze. The image of the other tiger from earlier began to burn in her mind. The memory of its hot breath on her face and watching it screech in agony as bullets riddled its body took precedent of any instinct of survival. Her whole body went numb with terror and she fell to her knees with her head covered in her hands. She let out a scream and there were a series of sudden explosions surrounding them. The main wooden doors and the two service doors burst into shards. Hunter yanked Jinn to the ground and covered her in his cape as the shards seemed to hover for a brief moment in the air before streaking across the theatre and stabbing the beast in the legs and sides. The thing just missed her as it landed just to her side and then broke though one of the glass panels to escape out into the park. Frix blinked at just what his partner had done. Had he miscalculated the extent of what magic he had left? He tried to praise Splinterbark, and yet she did not respond.
She was just sitting there on her knees and her arms crossed tightly against her chest. Splinterbark was staring straight forward at the ground and muttering incoherent ramblings about tigers and trying to escape. Hunter stormed over to where she was slumped as he was picking shards out of his cape.
“Hey, Pixie! I thought I made it clear for you to stay out of my way! Pixie? Splinterbark?” Splinterbark had not moved-not even the slightest hint of acknowledgement he was even there. It was as if she was stuck in place of that memory and she couldn’t break out of it. Hunter shook her by the shoulder, but not even that got a reaction. He inhaled deeply through his nose and then began to undo one of the straps on the battle gauntlet of his right hand. He was about to place his bare hand on her shoulder when Jinn gripped it and held it back.
“Hunter…you promised.”
“Would you rather we leave her like this?” Jinn was a bit astounded by this remark. There was no sneering, no arrogant jest, or smugness in his voice. There was genuine concern in those words-something she did not think he had been capable of especially with knowing just what he was about to do. She let go of his wrist and took a step back much to Hunter’s own bewilderment.
Hunter gripped Splinterbark’s shoulder and began to inhale and exhale slowly. A dark colored smog began to outline Splinterbark’s body. It swirled and churned, becoming thicker and thicker until she was practically cocooned in it denser than a London fog. As quickly as it built up it began to creep up Hunter’s arm and became absorbed into his skin. When the smoke finally cleared from both their bodies he exhaled with satisfaction; like taking a long drink from a cool slush drink on a hot July afternoon. There was a slight smile on his face and Jinn gripped her staff tightly as she watched. Splinterbark’s once ridged body relaxed and she almost fell on her face if Hunter hadn’t caught her. Once he had gently laid her down he cupped his bare hand over his mouth as he began to make terrible gurgling noises in his throat. He hacked up several times until he vomited a black pellet onto the palm of his hand. Small bits of ooze were dripping from the corners of his mouth as he filled his lungs again with air. He started at the pellet like he had other intentions with it before thrusting his palm towards Jinn and holding it out for her to take it from him. Jinn uneasily took the pellet and shoved it in her bag to dispose of it later.
“You chose not to devour her terror”, she stated as a matter of fact even if she still did not fully believe it. Hunter casually shrugged and that smug attitude plastered itself right back in his expression.
“Got no reason to. And you want me to be a good little bug, don’t ya witchy-poo?” Frix had been watching silently and intently this whole time. This boy…he was a…
“Where did the tiger go? Why do I suddenly feel drained?” Splinterbark uneasily stood up though she still wobbled in her stance.
“Well you did blow up like three doors. Since when could you do telepathy?” Hunter interjected quickly. Splinterbark rubbed the back of her head.
“Telepathy? What are you talking about? I remember the tiger coming at me and the sound of a crash, but nothing after that. The tiger! What happened to the monster?” Jinn tched and pointed at the big hole in the glass pane.
“Where do you think? Thanks to you, we have extra work tonight!” Splinterbark tried to cover her shocked expression but it was futile. She cupped her head in her hands and quaked.
“Oh no…oh no oh no oh no. I messed up! I screwed up again! Silver was right! I shouldn’t be doing this!” She was shaking as she called herself stupid, idiot, among other names.
“Splinter!” both Frix and Hunter shouted which made her stop. Hunter had his hands on his hips as he loomed over her.
“What did that blonde feather duster say to you?!” Jinn tugged on Hunter’s horns.
“Hunter, we do not have time for this. We have a big cat loose in Cadric Park, in case you forgot.”
“Let’s go, Hunter! We’re losing nighttime thanks to her!” Splinterbark mumbled that he should go after the beast before it caused more damage. Hunter seemed reluctant to do so, but he followed his partner though the now very open front door.
Splinterbark shuffled towards her bike. She really did feel lethargic even though the night was still relatively young. She could hear the big clock from downtown chime the ninth hour in the distance. Frix reminded her that they still had a mission. How could they prove themselves if they gave up now? Splinterbark hesitated to follow his suggestion but they might as well. They were almost there anyway.
Two blocks later Splinterbark and Frix were at the corner of the news studio. Frix asked her if they were going to sneak in the same way as before. She was about to confirm when Frix noted that he thought he saw a car looking much like the one he had seen her mother drive. Splinterbark confirmed with the license plate. Her mother was pulling into the parking garage underground. But why would her mother be here? Vivian rarely ever worked the night shift or responded to late night emergency stints. Her mother was not a night person. Splinterbark hurried across the street and stayed within the shadow that her mother’s pickup truck cast on the wall. Finally she saw her mother digging for her pass key for the employee door. Vivian then paused and said,
“I know you’re there, Splinterbark. Pink is not exactly a stealth color.” Splinterbark stepped out sheepishly with her hook at the ready just in case her mother decided to call security or something. Vivian sighed as she pulled out her employee card.
“Researching”, she asked finally. Despite still feeling a bit faint and her knee still stinging as heck, Splinterbark forced herself to stand up tall and declare that she felt there was pattern to the attacks by Prism Beak and his unnamed partner.
“So, you’re not the only one. But what brings you here?”
“Not everything is on the internet?” Splinterbark remarked with a joking shrug. Vivian rolled her eyes and motioned for her to follow and follow close. The two headed directly to the elevator to head down to the archives. The two were silent as the elevator descended deeper underneath the building. Splinterbark was just hoping that her mother did not recognize her at close quarters. Granted her helmet covered her entire head including her hair and her outfit was a bit padded as to not appear as demure; it still did not ease the awkwardness she was feeling right now. If her mother showed any recognition-she did a very good job as hiding it. At last after two agonizing minutes they reached their floor. The archives was housed in a cement block just barely illuminated by yellow prosperous lighting. Rows and rows of track cabinets lined the walls with a few tables and chairs in the center. The furniture looked like it might as well have been from the city’s founding how old and slightly cracked they looked.
“What we’re looking for is going to be from 2006 between the months of June and August under the name of Wyrmglade. A lot of Julian’s research notes got scattered down here after he retired. Ready?”
An hour had passed as the two Holmes’ looked row upon now, shoving the track shelves aside as they perused through months and years trying to find the one thing they needed. As they searched, Vivian attempted awkward small talk with the girl, but there was little she could get Splinterbark to talk about. She was starting to wonder how this was the same girl who fought against Metilla Gorilla on her own until help arrived just a few weeks ago. Then again with her employers practically painting them with the same brush as the bad guys, she couldn’t blame her.
“Hey! I think I found it”, Splinterbark declared, perhaps a little too loudly. Vivian had to shush her and stared at the entry door. Thankfully almost no one really came down here in the last decade. The file Splinterbark had located was a thick folder bound with rubber bands with a stamp not too unlike the insignia she had seen at Valdus Academy. Underneath printed neatly was “Ronder Bailey Circus-Fire Incident: July 2006-Julian Wyrmglade”. They placed it on the table and the rubber bands practically dissolved in their hands as they slipped them off. Inside was a series of paper notes yellowed with age along with photographs, newspaper clippings, and plastic bags labeled “Interviews” marked in sharpie.
They were not the only ones looking at similar information. Bruce Phyrus was sitting alone in his office with a police folder in front of him. The archives staff made it very clear in a fifteen minute monologue how irritating it had been to find something so specific. Bruce managed to placate them with the sizeable box of donuts he had promised as payment. Sierra had gone home an hour before as she could barely keep awake without slumping face first on her keyboard and snoring loudly. She had been up a good portion of last night investigating the crime scene at Feronia Gardens and even backtracked to LeBatte Industries. Her efforts were not very successful unfortunately only managing to dig up what the already knew. She hadn’t exactly been on her usual track since catching Splinterbark last night. Bruce told her she better take a good long rest first before doing anything crazy. He brought up the Tyrannosaurus Ivanka incident and she groaned that it was “only one time”. Both laughed afterwards as she left the office.
Some of the records were photocopies from notes with the signature Julian Wyrmglade. He recalled working with the reporter several times in the past before he retired from Cadric News moved to Oracle City for reasons never known. It took some doing to get all the records in order. Julian never did have a logical organization system. There had been a massive fire on opening night for the Ronder Bailey Circus. Officially the report stated that it had been a stunt gone wrong. The circus company had been proved to have had inadequate fire safety precautions. 40 audience members had died in the fire while most of the circus troupe had been killed as the bulk of the fire had taken place in the second stage area. Eyewitness reports stated that someone had shouted at the peak of the stunt and several described a woman matching Madame Tink’s description. According to Julian’s notes, the show had a safety inspection before the show and had been approved by Fredrick Bringer. Julian had noted that Fredrick had an influx of income for a while suspecting bribery from the Ronder Company. Madame Tink had also been investigated by the police but neither she nor Ronder had been brought to trial for some reason. The rest of the notes was mostly speculation and what evidence had been collected was not enough for sufficient cause.
Splinterbark pulled out some of the photos of people running out of the burning building. She recognized three of the faces in one of the snapshots. It was her mother, father, and Mrs. Altamiri. In Mrs. Altamiri’s arms was a blonde kid with burns on his back. He looked a lot like Reed, but she knew it wasn’t as this child was at least seven or eight years of age. Reed had only just turned sixteen before the beginning of the school year. She had asked Thomas on a whim one day. Perusing the rest of the images, both Vivian and Splinterbark saw Ronder far outside the building just standing there-like he was just watching. Further notes showed that the Ronder circus had been faltering for some time now dealing with the changing times and a few unpleasant rumors about Ronder himself.
“Hmm I think I get why the clown guy would kidnap these people. But what would he intend to do with them? There hasn’t been any ransom and so far no dead bodies”, Splinterbark mused. She thought how Silver had not been able to locate them for three days.
“Maybe in the Underground? There is still a lot of places down there not exactly charted”, Vivian offered. It was a possibility Splinterbark thought, but it could take months or even years to find them. And something did not feel right. She thought about the fine dust mixed with soot that had been stuck to her uniform. Suddenly Vivian’s phone buzzed a gong sound and a news flash appeared on her screen. She had her phone set to Cadric City’s News App that alerted her to breaking news. When she pressed the home screen a video started playing.
The video was live as everyone looking at a phone, computer, or television screen tuned to the news was now looking at a red curtain with an off-screen stereo playing a brass band march. A few minutes passed before a masked clown popped up in front of the screen and twirled his cane.
“Greetings, Cadric City! We interrupt your daily complaining to bring you this special news bulletin! A once in a lifetime performance. A conclusion to a story certain people would like to see buried.” The clown pulled back the curtain with Fredrick Bringer, Madame Tink, and Nathanial Ronder tied to theatre seats and bound and gagged. The clown then turned the camera back to them.
“What have these people done to await such judgement? Tune in one hour, ladies and gents. Grab the popcorn because the show is really going to get fired up.” Then the curtain fell back again and a timer appeared in front counting down the minutes.
Bruce had just finished watching in the break room when he heard someone talking to the chief. They were attempting to trace the signal of the broadcast right now, but it could take time. Somehow the signal was all over the place making it hard to pinpoint. Bruce dialed Sierra’s number, but did not get a response. She might have been still asleep for all he knew. Or she forgot to charge her phone again. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door. Something in the video’s background gave him an idea where he might find the clown.
Splinterbark scrubbed the video several times since someone managed to upload it online. She was starting to out the pieces together and told Vivian she had to hurry. Vivian offered to call the police but then thought against it. Knowing Foxwell, the police could very well go after the super girl and not the kidnapper. Splinterbark hurried onto her bike and sped to the outer edges of downtown. Frix questioned aloud if she was going to call Reed. Splinterbark had her finger over Reed’s contact and the shoved her phone back into her pouch. They could do this without that foul tempered angel.
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2020.09.25 21:39 mariasean1 Is Wix owned by Google?

offshore hostWix was founded in 2006 by Israeli developers Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Wix was backed by investors Insight Venture Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, DAG Ventures, and Benchmark Capital.[8] The company entered an open beta phase in 2007 using a platform based on Adobe Flash.[9]
By April 2010 Wix had 3.5 million users and raised US$10 million in Series C funding provided by Benchmark Capital and existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners.[10] In March 2011, Wix had 8.5 million users and raised US$40 million in Series D funding, bringing its total funding to that date to US$61 million
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2020.09.25 20:39 Dicematon What are the best GPU and CPU for film/architecture programs as well as gaming?

I’ve been looking to build a new PC for a few months now. I work in film and now use VFX/digital cinematography programs on occasion, while my partner is an architect using all sorts of CAD programs, Revit and various renderers. We both have need for a computer with professional capabilities, but we’re also avid gamers and want fantastic gaming performance from our components.
Having seen the reviews for the 3090 and hearing how I might be better with a graphics card that has different driver support, I’m now finding myself neck-deep in Quadro information that seems outdated. Likewise, I’m now re-evaluating whether my choice of CPU (a 4000-series equivalent of the 3950x) is also the correct pick, and whether a Threadripper or Xeon would suit me better.
With news of an Ampere Quadro on the horizon from MLID, I’m hoping someone might help me to make an informed purchasing decision on a CPU and GPU before I drop wads of cash on them both. Please bear in mind that for this build, money is no object as all my PC components are tax write-offs. Thanks in advance!
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2020.09.25 20:28 nwordfag69 Fly me to the MUUN

Gonna keep this simple.
MU earnings on Tuesday 9/29 after the close. Expecting earnings beat. MU partnered up with NVDA for their new GDDR6X VRAM in RTX 3000 series GPUs. NVDA mooned on GPU launch and continues to moon.

Below is MUs Press Release regarding their supply of VRAM for NVDA gpus

TL;DR- MU Calls. Oh, and for the love of god, sell before the close if you want to avoid IV crush
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2020.09.25 20:23 ProwerTheFox 23 [M4F] U.K/EU/NA New post, who dis?

Hey, my name’s Tom and as my title suggests, I’m a 23 year old British guy. I’m about 6’3, Im a bit stockier than I’d like but I’m working on it and it’s going really well. I don’t have any tattoos at the minute, but I’m planning on getting something small in the near future. Some other stuff you may wanna know; I’m a Scorpio, an INFJ and a Hufflepuff. I’ve got two doggos, which I can and will spam pics of to you (I’m sorry in advance!). I also don’t mind sharing pics once I’m comfortable with someone.
I’m a gamer (PC, Xbox and Switch), I kinda flick between games a lot though, but I’ve always been a Pokemon, WoW and Kingdom Hearts fan. I’ve been playing a lot of GTA 5 and Minecraft on my Xbox recently, so if you’re down to play those that’d be awesome! I’m also in the middle of upgrading my pc as it kinda died on me recently, so when it’s back up and running I’ll be playing WoW again too.
I don’t really watch much TV or anything, but I’ve watched a few Netflix series’ like Bojack and Big Mouth, I’ve also been watching quite a lot of RuPauls drag race over the past couple of months
I’m also massive music nerd and will likely always have something on (I think I had like 25,000 minutes on Spotify last year). I started out listening to 90’s and 00’s rock (MCR, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins and Three Days Grace to name a few) but I’ve recently been listening to some Rap, Hip-Hop as well like Juice, X, MGK and NF to name a few. So chances are I’ll be able to recommend something new for you to vibe to.
Some pros about me are:
So the cons and I don’t even really need bullet point these because they’re all kinda linked. I’m gonna be 100% honest, at the risk of probably turning quite a few people off. At the minute, my life is at what most consider, a standstill. I don’t have a job and have been forced to move back in with my parents due to events last year that caused me to have severe depression and anxiety, I’ve been doing a lot better over the past month or so though, and I owe a lot of that to the few friends that I have. I don’t mind going into things privately when the time is right, but I didn’t want to lie to anyone before they’d even said hello. With that being said, I do still have a very clear vision of where I want to go in life and have a very ambitious dream that I hope to achieve one day.
Now that’s out of the way, I guess I should talk about what I’m looking for. Personality is definitely more important than appearance to me, but obviously there’s still gotta be something kind of attraction. In terms of specifics I’m hoping to find someone that has a big heart and has a yearning to help people, as I said earlier in my post, it’s a quality I have and I’d like to be able to share that with someone. I’d ideally also like to meet someone that’s quite forward thinking, so if you’re right wing I don’t think it’ll really work out. Communication is something that’s very important to me, and can go a long way to me developing feelings for someone, so it’d be nice to find someone that engages in conversation rather than just short messages and dry responses. And finally, I’d kinda like my partner to share similar interests as me and stuff that we can bond over while getting to know each other. But other than that I don’t particularly have any major preferences or biases.
Anyways I’ve rambled on for long enough, if you wanna get to know me a bit better feel free to message me and regardless of whether I hear from you or not I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay masked! :)
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2020.09.25 20:04 TheMagicManor The Magic Manor - A Dedicated Channel to Hogwarts Legacy

Hey everyone!
I'd like to welcome you all to The Magic Manor! A new, dedicated channel and profile to Hogwarts Legacy!
I spent some years as a partnered Sea of Thieves channel but my number one book series/film series/ anything series is hands down Harry Potter. I've been waiting on this game for years just like you all since the original leaked footage dropped back in 2018. I'm super excited to take the channel in this new direction and I can't wait to go on this journey with you all.
If you're interested in seeing what The Magic Manor is all about, click the YouTube link to see more and check out the latest video on the Concept Art Analysis for Hogwarts Legacy!
The Magic Manor
Cheers everyone!
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2020.09.25 19:17 Difficult_Policy_821 We mutually fell in love with a married man and I "left" him today. (Triger warning: mention of sexual abuse)

I have survived a relationship that left me completely shattered, i moved to a new country for the guy only to find out he cheated on me while we were away from each other (we met abroad). He took no responsibility yet kept coming back and wanting me. I found out through her, then he finaly admitted. This broke my spirit, especially because i am in my late 20s and really looking for something serious for years. I packed my stuff and left. This was the first time after years of abusive and disfunctional relationships, sexual, physical and mental abuse in my childhood, that I felt real, healthy love towards someone. The cooperative and supportive kind. Only to get completely betrayed, PTSD-ed, severe panic attacks, could barely function at work. I got physical pain over the months which prevented me to sit or lie down. I was in living hell.
I tried to do everything to heal, Ive been reading self development book, found a good job, a place of my own, friends, year of therapy. Yet i still went through series of dead ending dates, relationships, betrayals, taking advantage...accusations of being old, not "knowing how to have fun" for not sleeping around and so on.
It left me shattered even more, hopeless, approaching 30 and while being comfortable on my own, longing for some love, some hugs. And there he was, an unhappily married coworker (39)with 2 kids. We both felt sadness in each other, him for being baby-trapped more than a decade ago in the first place and feeling responsible, so he also moved to the same country, being bossed around by parents-in-law, wife, you name it. He never was very explicit or complained about his life. We got attached through many conversations, over the months, hugged a lot, sometimes kissed and got mildly intimate twice. It was...fireworks and guilt afterwards. Yet we felt affection towards each other that was stronger than us. I never though I would be doing this to anyone, let alone to myself, if i still wasnt that hurt about what happened to me, probably. He told me he wants to be with me. But, classic, "has no corague to leave his family" and "is severely depressed", I guess. I was getting ready for this for months, yet it still hurts. He does not want to "end" these glimpses of happiness, good morning and good night messages every day. And he said he would want nothing more than to be with me, but he still chose to be with family, safe option. That he is frozen inside, on the autopilot and cant make move in any direction. He practically has no friends here. Yet I showed and taught him a lot, yadda yadda. And he still wants me. But cant give me what i want at the moment. Which i understand, it is hard to pour from an empty cup.
Myself, I...I could not go on this way. I think about him and care about him a lot and waste a lot of time that I could invest into looking for appropriate partner. I fell like too much of my mental energy was spend and being a second fiddle role was just not for me. I want partner to be here and now and not constantly on a stopwatch, like in his case (we talked turing his dog walk every day). Tons of fun, wit and laughter, time was just flying. But I really needed to stop being delusional even though he did seriously tell me he is thinking about leaving. But lack of physical attention and uncertainty was killing me piece by piece. He said we can still talkand give each other "glimpses of happiness" that we both need, nothing wrong with that. Yet I just cannot live off that. I have tried for half a year. I think it is time to walk away.
So...this is it, I guess. Try not to judge,as I judge myself too much for falling for that kind of situation.
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2020.09.25 18:16 trontuga 35 [M4F] Europe - I just want someone to have a nice conversation with, maybe more

I'm going to keep this simple and straightforward: I'm a biologist that likes gardening and tech, indie music and games, as well as British comedy and crime series.
I'm looking for a nice conversation partner, a woman that is assertive, knows what she wants and is able to have a structured conversation about a topic she has on her mind. I don't really expect it to lead to something more, but you never know.
I don't care what you look like, your age, or your background, but due to some weird experiences in the past here, I should probably say that I'm not into drug usage, violence, subs, internalized misogyny, self-degradation, polyamory or cheating.
(Note: I always remove prompts that I don't want to get replies from any more, so if you see my prompt, even if it's a few hours or days old, I will still reply to it.)
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2020.09.25 18:03 FFBot Official: [Index] - Fri Afternoon, 09/25/2020


Play in our Weekly Accuracy Challenge sponsored by FantasyPros
FantasyPros organizes advice from 100+ fantasy experts all in one spot. Quickly get consensus opinions from your favorite experts or the ones who have been rated as the most accurate over time. With My Playbook, you can import your team in seconds to get advice specifically tailored to your squad. The weekly advice includes Start/Sit picks, suggested Waiver Pickups, Trade help, and news & notes for your players.
Official Reddit FanDuel league
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Other /fantasyfootball Contests
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2020.09.25 18:01 PeaceSim My friends and I are urban explorers who break into doomsday bunkers for the super wealthy. We snuck into one my father built, and we'd be lucky if any of us escape from it alive. [Part 3]

Part 1
Part 2
I last visited a mall during an urban exploration outing about three years ago with Joe and Nicole. It was just before Nicole had met Isha, and about a year before Cheyenne had joined us.
It was the largest mall in the region, and I had fond memories of it from its last gasp as a cultural center in the early 2000s. It took my mother thirty minutes to drive me and my then two-year-old brother to it. I remember following her through the massive, snow-covered parking lot into the vast space inside.
People from all walks of life happily bustled between well-stocked stores. A Christmas tree stretched up to the wide ceiling of laminated glass. I delighted at the holiday decorations as my mother plopped me into Santa’s lap. Those were good times.
But, you’ve probably already guessed the derelict state it was in many years later when Joe, Nicole and I snuck in after dark. The factories that left for cheaper labor overseas took the local economy with them. Only a handful of third-rate stores remained, and they were on their last legs. Ceiling tiles were missing. Rubble and shattered glass lay strewn over large areas of the floor. We were there during the summer, but I’d seen pictures of snow falling through the broken overhead windows and covering where the artificial Santa set had once thrilled me.
My present surroundings went far beyond what I witnessed in 2002 and instead represented what I had only seen in movies taking place in the 80s or 90s. Or, at least, they likely did before the floor above spilled a putrid river of decomposed bodies, supplies, and hardening molten metal over its lower level.
This floor was twice as tall as the others, allowing it space for an upper and lower level connected by an escalator. The ceiling was painted light blue – a poor substitute for the sky I yearned to see – and held bright lights. Some flickered irregularly while many others, no doubt affected by the massive hole the molten metal had made in the ceiling, dangled limply and failed to function. I noticed a thin and translucent ladder-like structure extending down from the hole. Dozens of the Chindra who had fallen to B3 ran up it back to B2.
The mall’s stores sold toys, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, lingerie, electronic gear, food, tools, and plenty else. The bottom level had a merry-go-round (I think I rolled off the tarp that covers it earlier), a food court, and a video arcade in which I found myself positioned atop a claw machine. I’d never won anything from one, but Mason had once snagged a giant plush frog that he’d kept in his room through middle school.
“Hey, you!” called a chubby man. He and a curly-haired woman swam towards me through the muck. Both were dressed in grey uniforms. “We’re coming over to you!”
Well, at least not everyone here is a clone of my father. I had every reason to expect them to be hostile and prepared myself to dive back into the water and swim out of the arcade. Hopefully, Nicole and Joe had survived and would be close by.
The woman climbed out of the water and balanced herself on the glass casing of a coin pusher machine a few yards behind me. I rolled my eyes when I saw the face proudly etched into the pieces of silver within it.
The man, not finding a surface that could reliably support him, grabbed onto the top of a mini bowling machine. Their supply belts indicated they were maintenance people.
“I haven’t seen you before. You from B5?” the woman asked.
I nodded. I had access to there, so it was likely an answer that wouldn’t give away that I was an intruder who’d helped cause this mess.
“I didn’t think they let y’all out,” said the man. “The rumors I’ve been hearing are that y’all get pumped full of…well you-know-what, and they keep you on a real tight leash during the pregnancy until you deliver, and then the process starts anew. I didn’t think y’all even had access to the plaza.”
What the fuck, I thought. Oh god.
I recalled the extensive notes on my card about my physical health, and how Isha and I were both assigned to B5. Was “Med/Rep” a place for…fertile women to deliver children? The repairman’s description didn’t exactly make it sound like a mere facility to assist women in pregnancy; I had the feeling that dad’s calculations alone determined whether and when someone got “pumped full of” you-know-what.
The hunter who carried away Isha did so after checking her ID – he must have taken here there after seeing that she was assigned to it. All the more reason to get to her as soon as possible.
“Do you know what this disaster is all about?” asked the woman.
I shook my head, wanting to give up as little information as possible.
“We were here to address an issue with the overhead lighting,” said the man. “But this is absolute hell. Never seen anything like it. Good thing the mall was closed and powered off when whatever this is happened. Otherwise we’d be shocked to death.”
“I need to get back to B5,” I said. “All this flooding has disoriented me…do you know the closest way down?”
“Well, most of the hatches and the door to the main staircase won’t even open when there’s flooding,” said the man. “And, the elevator’s powered down at the moment.”
“There is a door by the restrooms upstairs,” said the woman. “It leads to a maintenance hatch down to B4. It’s on a different system and would probably still work.”
My father’s voice rang out over the intercom before I could respond.
You’re probably surprised to find yourself in this setting, Robyn. Let me give you a quick explanation. This country saw in the 80s and 90s the beauty of a free market left relatively untouched by those arrogant enough to think they should interfere with it. These shopping centers brought together people from across our society. They spawned innovation through competition. They made us wealthy and happy. So, I decided to incorporate consumer culture into Abernathy City.
The denizens of B1 and B2, back when I was still planning on using human workers, would work for a few dimes a day. In their biweekly hour of free time, they would be permitted to spend what they earned down here on the very products they put together. The academics on B4, the medical staff on B5, and the technicians on B6, who earn much more, are still to be the primary customers. Robyn, I’m so close to achieving my dream. All I need is a few more modifications for this whole facility to run like clockwork, and when it does, the plaza will be at the center of its society.
Returning to our present predicament: I’ve got good and bad news for you. First, the good news: based on the responses I’ve found online, your summary has thus far not been lacking in detail. As I said before, I haven’t read what you’ve written yet, but I look forward to reviewing it when this is over! Also, you will be delighted to hear that Mason is alive and well! And, your other friend…Elsa was it? Well, I am delighted to inform you that she’s about to begin contributing to one of the most important tasks of all in a self-sustaining society.
“What is this?” asked the man. “Who’s the boss talking about?”
I feigned confusion even as I fretted over Mason and Isha.
Now, for the bad news, continued my father. You and your friends have been a serious annoyance to me. The damage you’ve caused will take quite some time to repair. I’ve put the Chindra to work on patching up the leak you created, and they stopped the flow of water for now. But, the flood may remain in my shopping center for quite some time.
You may have noticed that the ooze produced by the Chindra has a binding quality to it that assimilates different life forms into one living entity. Well, let’s just say that I did a bit of experimenting with it to produce something that could defend this facility in a situation like this from intruders like you.
This did not sound good. I closed my backpack and tied it tightly to myself. I needed to flee, and I wanted to take my supplies with me.
I’m taking off the kid’s gloves, Robyn. It’s time for you to face your hardest test yet. I really don’t expect us to have another of these conversations. You’ve never held up well against strong adversity. It’s been fun, little bird.
“The hell was that about?” said the repair woman.
As the sound cut off, I noticed a thin red dot on the wall behind me. I followed it as it approached me and then disappeared from the wall.
“What’s that on you?” asked the woman.
I glanced down and noticed that the light now hovered on my chest. I’d seen enough movies to know what was about to happen. I dived into the filthy water and swam away as I heard two gun shots ring out.
When I surfaced at the other end of the room, the man was gone and the woman drifted lifelessly in the water. I pushed her body away from me and noticed two bullet wounds in her; the shots meant for me must have hit her instead.
“You can add poor Ms. Hershing to the list of people who’ve suffered because of you,” said my father – not from the intercom, but from the very room I was in. Was he another clone sent to kill me? “Poor Robyn. Always wanting to do good, always ending up doing harm. You got that from your mother. You certainly didn’t get that from me.”
I scanned the dimly-lit room for him. Did I see something moving near the claw machine where I’d just been stationed? The water shifted unnaturally there, and something solid glided atop it – a submachine gun with a laser sight.
A translucent face gradually turned in my direction. It was my father, but his skin resembled that of the Chindra, in that it heavily blended with the background. “Surprised to see me like this?” he said with a smile. He raised his gun.
I dived again and swam desperately for the arcade entrance as I heard the loud thuds of gunshots. Blood dispersed into the water before me as a shot meant for me hit the corpse of a man I recognized as the owner of another doomsday shelter – the one I’d spray-painted months earlier – and an old business partner of my dad’s.
I surfaced by the Merry-Go-Round, where I gripped a horse’s head for support as I treaded water. The escalator upstairs (not functioning, of course) was on the other end of the shopping concourse. I had to get up there and take the maintenance shaft down. But, it was a long way to the escalator, and the route was littered with wreckage and floating corpses. Hopefully, I could lock it behind me to at least delay this clone and the third hunter from before, if he was still alive.
A ‘thump’ sounded on the roof of the merry-go-round directly above me. “Little bird,” called my dad. He must have climbed up there and seemed to be using a flashlight to scan the area ahead of me. “I know where you’re going. And I’m not going to let you make it upstairs. You could really use a pair of wings now, couldn’t you?” He laughed.
“Boss, is that you!” cried the voice of the repair man. Dad’s flashlight shifted to where he’d waded by the entrance to a toy store. He must have fled after seeing his partner shot.
“Have you seen my daughter?” the clone asked.
This distraction would be my only chance. I knew that I swam for it, I’d never make it to the other side without being spotted. So, instead, I lay on my back, kicked off from the merry-go-round, and floated, doing my best to quietly fit in with the numerous bodies that filled the corridor and only gently kicking to keep myself moving in the right direction. It was hardly a perfect illusion, but hopefully I would avoid detection in the darkness long enough to at least put some distance between me and my dad.
“I think so, a young woman was with me in the arcade,” I head the repair man say. His voice was close; I must have drifted towards him. “Why can’t I see you, boss?”
“Where did she go?” asked my father’s clone. I brushed against another body as I glided further away, measuring the distance by the passing lights on the ceiling.
“No idea,” he said. “Where are you, exactly, boss? All I see is the flashlight.”
I drifted underneath several functioning lights that cast me in greater visibility. I tried not to shiver in the freezing water. Thankfully, my father didn’t seem to notice.
“Then you’re no use to me,” said my father.
I felt myself bump into the maintenance man. “Huh?” he said, startled. “Wait, boss, I think I found-”
Two more shots rang out. The heavy force of the man’s body crashed into me, sending me underwater.
There was no use in pretending any longer. I swam while submerged, pressing onwards despite the weight of my soaked backpack, as far as I could go. When I surfaced for air, only a few shops remained between me and the escalator.
A ring of light appeared around me only a moment later. I dived again as my dad fired. Luckily, a nearby half-eaten corpse shielded me from several shots as I swam closer to my destination. I didn’t have time to process why I recognized the corpse's faded dyed hair.
Bullets hit the water all around me again when I next surfaced. Most landed in the space between me and the stairs; he was trying to block my path. One bullet ricocheted off the wall. The next thing I remember was incredible, reverberating pain as high-pitched noise flooded my head. I grabbed at my left ear and, to my horror, discovered that part of it was missing.
Panic and shock ran through me. I hurried into the nearest store, which sold men’s clothing. I dizzily sputtered in and out of the water. The world spun around me even as I grabbed onto the dry top of a clothing rack and tried to calm myself.
“Clever girl, blending in with the dead like that,” called my father. “But not clever enough. I’m coming for you. We’re about to have a long-awaited reunion.” He was getting closer. I heard distant gunfire from upstairs; perhaps Nicole and Joe were facing a similar enemy.
I needed a place to hide; maybe I could lure him deep into the store and sneak out the way I came in while he searched for me?
I found myself against a wall. How did I even get here? What part of the store was I in? I was bleeding, a lot, and likely to get infected from exposing an open wound to the toxic substance in which I was immersed.
“I’m here, darling! Come to papa,” said my dad. The noise my wounded ear had sent into my head had diminished enough for me to understand him.
I used the wall to push myself along until I found a corridor away from the soaked clothes that filled the store. I realized I had stumbled into a series of dressing rooms. I swam to the last one and locked the door.
“You’ve got a lot working against you, Robyn. Not only am I stronger and smarter than you, but I also know how you think. You’re hiding in here, hoping to draw me in, and to then sneak out the way you entered.”
That was may plan, until my dizziness led me to corner myself. It was only a matter of time before he found me. From the sound of his voice, he was in the area by the check-out counter. I had a few moments as he looked through the store.
“I’ve read your diaries, your emails, your text messages,” he continued. “It delighted me to no end when I learned that you would make a trip out here. If you’d texted the date and time, I would have prepared a welcoming committee. Why did I spy on you like that, you may be thinking? I wanted to see if you measured up to the family name. And guess what? My early assumption was correct. You didn’t.”
I threw my drenched backpack onto a small raised surface for placing clothing as I stood on a cushioned sitting platform that extended from the changing room’s wall. I took out two objects.
“Your grades were painfully mediocre. You didn’t excel at anything – sports, hobbies, you name it. You even lacked your mother’s ability to find a superior marital partner – her only skill.” He was on the opposite side of the store now. If I wanted to escape, now was my chance. But I knew I wouldn’t make it.
“I know everything about you,” said my father. He was at the entrance to the changing area. Luckily, I had a plan. And that plan involved him coming to me.
“I know you had your first kiss with that no-good Sheldon boy after senior prom. You waited over four years after that to get laid, only to lose it in a lousy one-night stand with a guy you’d just met and never talked to again. ‘The most awkward two minutes of my life,’ you texted Nicole the next morning,” he said, in a mocking voice. “Haven’t held a guy for more than three weeks since.”
If he was trying to rile me up, he was succeeding. I’d known about the diary entries, but it pained me to realize that this monster had reviewed virtually every private correspondence I’d ever made.
“It’s no wonder you’ve ended up at a convenience store, spending your free time with a bunch of dropouts and vandals,” said my dad. He knew he’d found me. I heard him push open the door to the first of the three changing rooms. “You always were a disappointment.”
The second door opened. I put on the goggles I’d taken from the hunter earlier as I braced myself.
“I blame your mother for creating you,” taunted my dad. He was in the stall next to me, moving more slowly as he cherished the moment of impending victory before he caught up with his prey. “But after she gave me the male heir I wanted, she became useless to me. She wasn’t worth the trouble it took keep around, much less the trouble of divorcing her. Little bird, you still think, even after all that you’ve seen today, that she died in random accident, don’t you? You inherited that naiveté from her. Not from me.”
I’d never been more furious as rage coursed through my veins. Even so, I composed myself and lifted my arms.
“Our journey is at an end, Robyn,” said the clone. "I hope you've enjoyed the tour so far." He was directly in front of me; only the flimsy wooden door divided us.
I fired three times through the barrier. He made muffled screams. I heard him crash into the water. “You didn’t count on one thing, dad,” I said, kicking the door open.
My goggles saw through the camouflaged skin of my fleeing father. One of the shots had hit his gun, which drifted broken in the water, and the others had hit him. As he feebly tried to wade away, he brushed against the wall and left behind a trail of blood on its white paint as he did so.
“You’re far sicker than I ever realized,” I said as I followed him. “But I knew that you spied on me when I was younger. I knew you were lying when you said that you wouldn’t review my notes until this is over. More specifically, I’m sure the clone I’ve been talking to has been reading them and sharing their contents with you. That’s why I didn’t mention that I picked up a gun from the fallen hunter in the last update. That’s why I wrote that I was ‘unarmed and defenseless’ when I really wasn't.”
I fired a fourth shot into the back of his head. He collapsed into the water and stopped moving. I returned the pistol to where I’d kept it in my backpack.
I’d known that my dad would outgun me in a fair fight. My dad was a gun enthusiast, whereas my only experience with firearms was when Nicole helped me fire a few rounds at a makeshift shooting range the five of us had made out of several weeks’ worth of empty beer cans in my backyard. But I had a plan in case I got cornered, and, miraculously, it had worked.
As I reached the escalator, I heard the sounds of a firefight upstairs. I climbed the steps carefully, staying low and using the metal sides as cover.
I saw Nicole crouched by the front counter of a jewelry store. Her stained, sleeveless white t-shirt exposed the strong arms with which she held the shotgun she’d nabbed earlier. In the back of the store, behind a cash register, was the remaining hunter – yet another clone of my dad. Unlike the one I had just fought, he was fully-visible and didn’t seem to be ‘joined’ to any degree with the Chindra. Did they all retain my real dad’s memories and consciousness? How was that even possible?
He noticed me and let off several shotgun blasts. I ducked and covered my head as the metal around me shook violently. I heard two more shots after that, followed by Nicole’s voice.
“You can come out now, Robyn. I’m so glad you’re alive.” I emerged cautiously to find Nicole standing over the hunter’s whimpering body. “Joe and I have been in a long standoff with him. He didn’t know I was there. Your distraction was all I needed to get the drop on him. Shot him twice in the chest.” She snatched away the dying hunter’s shotgun, removed its shells, loaded some into her weapon, and slipped the rest into her backpack.
“You look like you’ve seen better days,” said Joe as he stood up from behind a sunglass stand. “But I’m glad you’re okay. That guy had me pinned down here for ages.”
“You need to get that treated,” said Nicole, motioning to my ear. She whipped out her first aid kit, removed an antibiotic ointment, and prepared a set of bandages.
“Go ahead,” whined the hunter. A pool of blood extended out from him, and he clearly had no capacity to move. “Get it over with and kill me.”
“Let me have your knife,” I said to Nicole. She looked at me blankly. “Now!” I asserted. She handed it to me. “Hold him down if he tries anything,” I ordered my friends.
I proceeded to drive the blade into the hunter’s chest between his gaping wounds. The hunter screamed in further agony. “What are you doing?” cried Joe.
“How about we make this is long and painful as possible?” I said. “Unless you answer my questions.”
“Robyn, we’re not like that-” Nicole said.
“Do you have all of my dad’s memories?”
“Yes,” croaked the clone. “Up until he last had his brain scanned on B6; about a year before the helicopter accident. After that, I have the memories of the primary clone, who you’ve been hearing on the intercom, and then my own memories once I was created from him.”
“Did you really kill my mother?"
The clone smirked. “I’ve made some mistakes in my life. One of them was waiting six years after Mason’s birth to get rid of her. I should have done it sooner.” He spit blood up at me. Anger coursed through me. I dug the knife deeper into him and twisted it.
“One more question,” I said, as his blood and saliva ran down my cheek and dripped back down onto him. “What does that clone – the ‘primary clone’ – want with Mason?”
The clone nodded through the pain of two gaping shell wounds and a knife protruding from him. “Your real father – the one who died in the crash – has been kept in the same stasis chambers used by the Chindra since the helicopter accident. He isn’t dead, just extremely close to it. The one you saw at the funeral was a clone created just to be used there as a prop.”
“What does that have to do with Mason?” I asked.
The clone eked out a gleeful smile. “Your real dad wants to resume the life he had before the accident. We’ve developed a technology to help him – one that can transfer a consciousness between bodies. Not just create a new clone, but actually cause him to experience his own life continuing in a new body. It is built around the mechanism through which the Chindra queen communicates with the rest of the Chindra.”
“The bodies have to be compatible, and compatible bodies are hard to find,” the clone continued. “They require certain physical, cognitive, and genetic commonalities, and differences in sex and gender can pose substantial obstacles in humans. So, for the time being as we continue the testing phase, we rendered the facility only accessible to those fully-compatible with him. We were soon going to begin soliciting ideal individuals using our access to medical records. If we got desperate, we would even accept someone half-compatible like you, though your father would be reluctant to try a risky procedure just to inhabit the body of an underperforming female. But, luckily, you and your friends brought an excellent candidate right to us.”
“Your father wants to take the form of the son who better resembles him and bears his name. The procedure will upgrade Mason’s current consciousness. The boy will simply be replaced by an improved version of himself: his father. Have I answered all of your questions? Can I die already?”
“Fuck all this,” said Nicole.
“Mason,” gargled the clone as he raised his head closer to me, “will grow up to be just like me. It is inevitable.”
I kicked the knife deep into him with all the force I could muster. The clone finally stopped breathing.
Joe kept saying something to try to calm me down. I didn’t – couldn’t listen. I walked clumsily in a circle before collapsing on the ground.
When I awoke, Nicole had wrapped a towel around my wet form and bandages around my ear. Joe had gathered our armaments – the shotgun, my firearm with four bullets left in it, a fire ax, and Nicole’s knife. Joe, who still had Mason’s backpack, realized it contained Mason’s key card, which will give us access to the bottom level when we needed it.
I shared with them the information I’d obtained about the service entrance to B4 and then the painful news I’d heard about where Isha had been taken. Nicole was as furious as I expected. A sense of urgency drives each of us – to get Isha, to get Mason, and to get out.
My iPad, barely operating and with a crack in its screen, buzzed, and I quickly typed this update just in case my dad (should I say ‘the primary clone’?) still has the ability to cut off the air supply if I fail to do so. Don’t worry – there are no lies or omissions this time around. I hope, dad, that you can forgive that minor deviation from my otherwise thorough notes.
Nicole, Joe, and I are heading down for Mason and Isha. We will stop at nothing, and I recommend warning anyone else still present in Abernathy City to stay the hell out of our way.
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2020.09.25 17:53 Smart202020 [NO SPOILER] The FBI Agents were a horrible storyline in S1

Just binged watched Season 1, and it’s clear to me that the FBI agents were by far the weakest part of that season. The gay guy was so irritating and his gayness so over the top it felt like virtue signaling by the writers. Completely out of place. His black partner was the dullest most wooden actor. I’ve seen better acting in community theatre. Whoever wrote these guys lines and storyline need thrown out of the writers room. Given the high quality of the rest of the series, the FBI parts were awful in contrast. Like so awful it’s hard to believe they were part of the same show.
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2020.09.25 17:52 F1-Editorial 2020 Russian GP Free Practice 1 and 2 Debrief - r/Formula1 Editorial Team

2020 Russian GP Free Practice 1 and 2 Debrief

Words by UnmeshDatta26 and redbullcat
Discussion Threads:


Hamilton Commission adds Whitmarsh, among others

Lewis Hamilton had announced at the start of the season in June that, along with the Royal Academy of Engineering, he would be forming a commission to conduct research aimed at making motorsport diverse and multicultural. He said in June, “Despite my success in the sport, the institutional barriers that have kept F1 highly exclusive persist. It is not enough to point to me, or to a single new black hire, as a meaningful example of progress. Thousands of people are employed across this industry and that group needs to be more representative of society.”
He has now announced the members of this commission. Notable names in the commission include Martin Whitmarsh, former Team Principal and CEO of McLaren and Tracey Crouch MP, former Sports Minister of the UK and British Conservative Party politician.
With these high power names in the commission, it remains to be seen what recommendations the commission will deliver to the FIA and motorsports in general.
Hamilton has called out teams, including his own, to commit to more diverse hiring. With the commission, he is looking to enact more lasting change in the sport, beyond his own influence.
This commission will run for another 8 months, ending in June 2021.

Stefano Domenicali to replace Chase Carey as CEO from 2021 on

Formula 1 and Liberty Media announced today that Stefano Domenicali would take over as the new CEO of F1 from January 1st of the new year, with current CEO Chase Carey stepping back, although he will continue with F1 as non-executive Chairman.
Domenicali joined Ferrari in 1991, straight out of university, and became team principal in 2007, taking over from Jean Todt. In his first year with the team, he oversaw what is currently the team’s last world championship, the Constructors’ title, in 2008. He remained with the team until 2014.
Since leaving the team, he has served as the CEO of Lamborghini, while also acting as the President of the FIA’s Single Seater Commission, working to develop regulations for the FIA single seater series.
Chase Carey is stepping down after notably getting all 10 teams to sign the new Concorde Agreement last month, ensuring the participation of the teams for the future.
Domenicali enters the role with the support of every Team Principal. “I am thrilled to join the Formula 1 organization, a sport that has always been part of my life,” said Domenicali at, “I was born in Imola and live in Monza. I’ve remained connected to the sport through my work with the Single Seater Commission at the FIA and I look forward to connecting with the teams, promoters, sponsors and many partners in Formula 1 as we continue to drive the business ahead.”

Track and Tech Talk

As we head into the Russian GP, let’s take a look at the tires that Pirelli have brought to the weekend. They have brought the three softest compounds possible, the C3, C4 and the C5 tires, one step softer than last year. The asphalt at the Sochi Autodrome is very soft, and this usually means less wear on the tires. Also, the weather is generally mild in temperature and with the lack of high-load, high-speed corners, the softest tires make sense.
High winds over the weekend could cause some problems for the drivers, especially near the long semi circle Turn 3. With gusts at 40 kph at times, the wind could cause problems for drivers trying to keep the traction down. The mild temperatures and long straights are a massive detriment to the cooling of the brakes potentially leading to many lock-ups on track, especially braking into Turn 7 and Turn 15.
Tire temperatures are also going to be a challenge, with temperatures fluctuating wildly throughout a lap. Grip is bound to be an issue, so we expect to see drivers complain of understeer and a lack of grip.
Several teams have brought updated aero packages to Sochi, with Ferrari and McLaren running new packages for the weekend. Ferrari are looking to stop the bleeding and bring some stability to the car on a power-sensitive track. McLaren have a full aero update, with new front nose and rear wings for the weekend.
After software issues afflicted Max Verstappen at the start of the last race at Mugello, this weekend, Honda announced that they would be bringing new PU components to the race weekend. They are changing the software and electronics packages, not the parts, so the team won’t suffer penalties as a result of the change.
The FIA has continued their crack down on policing track extensions, with Turn 2 being heavily regulated. Any driver that exceeds the turn has to pass the double bollards, then clear the orange bollard and then rejoin the track. Also, the Stewards will be looking at drivers driving too slowly at turns 12 and 13 to get a clear lap.


As is usual with the first F1 session of a race weekend, Free Practice 1 began with installation laps for most teams. Amongst the first drivers out on track in the session, Valtteri Bottas soon began to light up the timing screens, setting a 1:37.313 to go fastest so far, on the medium compound tire. This was half a second clear of his illustrious teammate, who at the time was on the hard tires.
Meanwhile, over at McLaren, Lando Norris tested a new nose, as McLaren pursues an aggressive aero program in order to retain third in the championship. According to McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl from the pit wall, the Racing Points are faster this weekend, and Renault is also setting an impressive pace, so this battle is far from over.
However, the new aero testing program was hampered by a crash for Norris’s teammate Carlos Sainz. Approaching turn 7 at speed, the Spaniard got a kick of oversteer on the kerb and spun, hitting the wall with the back end of the car, damaging the rear wing and crash structure. This triggered a brief virtual safety car, while Sainz limped back to the pits. At around the same time, Daniil Kyvat spun at turn 15, but no damage was done.
When the session went green again, Hamilton in the Mercedes was first out, locking his cold brakes on his first flying lap into turn 2 and ruining a set of new hard tires.
However, shortly afterwards, Nicholas Latifi binned his Williams FW43 at turn 10, in a similar accident to Sainz, failing to catch oversteer and backing into the barrier. This brought out a red flag while the car was recovered and the tecpro barrier positions were reset.
After the session restarted, qualifying sims on soft tires were the order of the day, with Bottas going fastest ahead of Ricciardo and Verstappen. World championship leader Lewis Hamilton sat down in 19th, almost 2.8 seconds off his teammate, but hadn’t set competitive times on soft tires, focusing instead on hard tire runs.
Farther down the order in P9 and P11, the Scuderia are in need of a bounce back, after a few tough weekends. A double points finish in Mugello has done little to plaster over a dramatic loss of form - but will Sochi suit the SF1000 more than the likes of Spa and Monza did?


With the VSC period and a red flag in FP1, the teams headed back to the track to get some more data for the race, especially concerning the pace of the cars on higher fuel loads. The brakes caused many problems in FP1 and it continued in FP2.
Bottas cleared the session faster than anyone for the second time running, a 1:33.519, 0.267 ahead of his teammate, on the soft C5 tire. The duo split their programs, rarely running the same tire. The Finn ran his hard tires for 19 laps, showing that a medium to hard strategy may work nicely on Sunday.
Hamilton, meanwhile, ran the medium tires out today, posting 18 laps on them to test the limits of the compound. He locked up repeatedly at turn 13, flatspotting multiple tires in the process. The two traded fastest times throughout the day, a second clear of the rest of the field, so the car looks to be, once again, top class.
McLaren continued with their aero program, with a new nose on Norris’ car and new aero packages for Sainz. The duo put up solid laps on all three compounds, with the duo finishing 4th and 5th best in the session with Sainz setting a 1:34.723 and Norris just over a tenth back.
Verstappen didn’t have an easy day, spinning his car in the third sector and complaining of a lack of grip in the car. Together, him and his teammate Alex Albon completed over 30 laps on the medium tire, so we could be expecting a push on the mediums in Q2 tomorrow to start the race on mediums.
The Ferrari pitwall had some cause for concern, as Leclerc bumped his bargeboards on the sausage kerbs at turn 12, causing them to vibrate hard. Vettel locked up his tires violently into turn 15, showing that the brake issues are affecting the future Aston Martin driver as well. They completed good stints on the hard and medium tires to end up in P8 and P10 for FP2, both of them over a second a half away from the pace-setting Mercedes, on a 1:35.052 for Leclerc and a 1:35.183 for Vettel.
Perez had a good day of race simulations, setting some competitive lap times on the hard tire for longer stints. But his teammate Lance Stroll, who received new parts for the car after his scary crash in Mugello, didn’t go any faster than P17 in the session.
It was a good day of testing and data collection for the teams. Mercedes certainly seem to be the class of the field, but in a surprising result, Renault’s Ricciardo looks to be the best of the rest. McLaren have found a new surge of pace with the new aero packages they have for the weekend, with the new nose possibly staying on at least Norris’s car for the rest of the weekend. Racing Point don’t seem to have found the right formula with the new aero package, but their pace could have been limited by running higher fuel loads.

Predictions for tomorrow

Driver that could do well: the pick here has to be Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian looks racy this weekend and is incredibly hungry to get a podium for Renault before he leaves for McLaren. And with Red Bull seemingly not finding a good balance for their car, this could be Ricciardo’s best opportunity.
Driver that could disappoint: I’m going to say Max Verstappen. He’s not looked on it all day on Friday and has never finished on the podium at Sochi.
Driver that could spring a surprise: I’m going to go bold and say George Russell could score his first career points this weekend. I’ve just got a feeling about the Brit. I hope I haven’t jinxed it!
Driver that could do well: The most obvious pick here is #blessed himself, Lewis Hamilton, but Valtteri has shown incredible pace over the years at this track, so it could be a tossup for pole position. I want to highlight Carlos Sainz as my pick. He has shown some stability after getting his race at Mugello cut short by a freak accident. With a new rear wing, if he can put in a stable lap, the car could be fast enough to get to the second row on the grid.
Driver that could disappoint: My pick will be Esteban Ocon from Renault. His teammate has been faster than him the whole season and he hasn’t shown any improvements this weekend as well. I don’t see him putting that car anywhere near the second row of the grid.
Driver that could spring a surprise: I want to highlight George Russell as my pick. He narrowly missed out on the points at Mugello and he will be looking to push for his first points of his F1 career. He is carrying a lot of momentum heading into the weekend and his qualifying sessions have been the talk of the season, earning him the moniker of Mr. Saturday from the media. Watch out for him to spring a surprise.
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2020.09.25 17:48 neothedreamer GME - Further down the rabbit hole

I am not going to review all the other excellent DD that has been done on GME. I do have the cliff notes summary at the bottom along with links to other posts.

Call to Action – Buy shares and callas asap. GME is already up 6% today. Let’s stick it to the big money Market Makers and make them have the biggest short squeeze in history.

DD- Here is the short of it – Market Makers can sell short securities that they don’t even own or are able to borrow. This is called Naked Short Selling and is technically illegal except under some very narrow circumstances. What happens later is they are then unable to deliver these securities at settlement date and have a very short window to buy and deliver these securities. The expectation is that the Market Makers will buy these shares at a better price and can make additional money.
I looked at the data available and found that on 8/25 when there was a huge up day there were 347k shares that resulted in Failure to Deliver. 2020082536467W109GME347372GAMESTOP CORP (HLDG CO) CL A4.87
If this happens often enough you are placed on a Threshold Securities List. GME has been on this list 9/22, 9.23 and 9/24. I expect them to be on the list again today.
Huge Short Selling every day – leads you here
DateSymbolShortVolumeShortExemptVolumeTotalVolumeMarket 20200924GME1304039602593786571B,Q,N – 34% short 20200923GME2518880580684596752B,Q,N – 54% short 20200922GME985759230811818376647B,Q,N – 53% short
20200921GME1605910534113116587B,Q,N – 51% short
Cliff Notes –
· Huge Short Squeeze happening
· Large Investors – Burry from The Big Short and Cohen founder of Chewy locking up about 15.3% together along with a few other large hedge funds Hestia Capital Partners and Permit Capital Enterprise
· Cohen is going to act as a change agent to revitalize their business and write Gamestop Business Plan 2.0
· New Console cycle with PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch 2 next year
· Entering Christmas Shopping season.
· Book Value of Stock is about $12/share based on hard assets like cash.
- High borrowing cost on shorting shares
Other DD - GME King from among our ranks
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2020.09.25 16:33 FullyK Customization inflation discussion

(I won't lie, I chose this title because it sounds good)
There were some discussions about gender-locked classes that made me think about how customizable units are now compared to before. Here, I will define customizing by how one unit can end up differently across multiple runs because of the player's choices (hence not counting variation because of its growth). I don't consider customization a good or bad thing but a choice in the game design. (Also, English not being my first language, correct me if there are some weird expressions.)
Warning: Wall of text, but hey, there is a tl;dr at the end.
Up to Shadow Dragon, the main way you could customize units were its weapons / accessory item when relevant. It doesn't sound a lot but it varies a lot between games. Looking at the Wiki, Gaiden has impactful items (Shields, Rings), Mystery of the Emblem and Thracia have growth items, like in Path of Radiance to a much lesser extent (plus laguz bands). Genealogy have bearable skills. Sacred Stones have the first branched promotions in the serie and Radiant Dawn have skills as well (which are managed in base here). Oh and weapon can be forged from FE9 onwards, allowing the player to improve a given weapon.
There are three other sources of customization: supports in relevant games (I vividly remember searching for Earth / Earth supports in Tellius games because it dramatically improve some units performance) - statboosters allocation and promotion time. Choosing to promote earlier to reach some stats benchmark for example can be a critical customization choice.
Shadow Dragon (and New Mystery) added one very big change: class change. Units are freely (IIRC) allowed to change class between chapters (from chapter 4 in FE11 and chapter 1 in FE12 I believe). Units are no longer bound to the limits of their class and can get whatever class suits them best. There some limitations with weapon ranks being the main one but it means the same unit can vary a lot: swapping to Sniper because of big bad fliers (and good growth but that's not as important) for example.
Awakening put limitations to class change but each class was made more distinct thanks to learnable skills. You can now swap classes to reach the skills you want for your build. And of course, let's not forget children which can be built through their parents for skills, stats modifiers and classes. Fates is more or less in the same boat but puts more emphasis on weapons choice, weapons being much more distinct than in other games. Moreover, there is another layer of meta-customization with My Castle. I don't recall much about it but I suppose you should prioritize some buildings to get more resources.
Echoes is of course closer to the older games. However, the villagers who can now choose whatever class the player wants and I believe combat arts make their entrance here. Combined with forging being much more complex than in previous iterations, the player can now improve its weapons in many more ways than before: Should I turn this Steel Lance into a Silver or should I just make it +5? Moreover, with Combat Arts entering the fray, weapons are made more distinct (in a different way than in Fates). Is Hunter's Volley more important than the better stats of a Silver Bow? (yes).
Three Houses is of course the newest big step towards adding more options to the players. Every classes (except gender-locked ones) can be reached through ranks, can freely be changed between chapters and are indispensable to learn new skills through mastery, equippable items are very important once again, weapons are no longer linked to classes and two new gameplay elements can be adjusted to the player's needs: - Combat Arts are now linked to the unit and its skills (and possibly its class). It means you can swap whatever weapons and Combat Arts you need for this fight. Many flier? I'll get Grounder for this fight and swap for a Lance with a Armorcrush next fight. - Battalions. Battalions have their own stats and Gambits, some being absolutely game-changing (looking at you Stride).
Basically, it means that before a chapter, you can adjust, for each unit: - Its class - Its skills - Its Combat arts - Its weapons and wearable items - Its battalion - Its partners (i.e. supports) With each parameter influencing the others (if you go flier for a chapter, you can't use a grounded battalion).
tl;dr: you can change more stuff about your units in recent games.
What do you think of that? Personally, I like being able to build my unit differently with stuff like branched promotions and skills but I feel overloaded with how much options there are now. Battalions especially can be make-or-break (Stride, Impregnable Wall) in Maddening and I feel I have to spend a lot of time in pre-battle menus to make sure everything is ok for the next chapter. For more or less the reasons, I didn't like planning children ahead in Awakening / Fates (except for giving decent skills, like not giving Def+2) because it was too much hassle.
However I do welcome stuff like Battalions or changing class freely between chapters but having all these options is too much for me.
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2020.09.25 16:21 GeorgeSafwat [NEWS] Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset

[NEWS] Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset
Hi Guys ,
It seems that Huawei is open about the issue of using Qualcomm chips in its smartphones.
Rotating Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese company Huawei, Guo Ping, revealed that the Chinese brand is ready to use Qualcomm chips in its smartphones if the US company gets the green light.
"We hope the US government can reconsider its policy, and if the US government allows it, we are still ready to buy products from US companies," Ping said.
He added, "Qualcomm has always been a very important partner to Huawei, and Huawei has been buying Qualcomm chips for the past decade and more."
Huawei suffered numerous blows to its smart phone business as a result of the US sanctions against it, as the chipmaking division was particularly hard hit as a result.
This shift in events means for the time being at least that the upcoming Mate 40 series will be the last lineup of Huawei's flagship phones powered by the leading Kirin processors.
US laws prevent Qualcomm from working with Huawei, but the US company has applied for a license to resume relations with the Chinese company.
It is not surprising that Huawei has been open about the issue of using Qualcomm chips, as competitor MediaTek has been prevented from supplying the Chinese company due to recent sanctions, despite the fact that it has applied for a license.
With Huawei's HiSilicon section out of the picture as well, this means, at best, that the Chinese company's options are limited.
And if Qualcomm obtained the necessary license and provided Huawei with the chips, this does not mean that this is the first time that Qualcomm chips have appeared in Huawei phones.
Huawei previously provided phones with Snapdragon processors, and some of the most popular Huawei devices include Qualcomm processors, such as the original Nova series, Nexus 6P and Y7 series for 2019.
It is very likely that Huawei will adopt Qualcomm chips in its flagship phones if Qualcomm gets the green light from the United States, and MediaTek fails to get approval in time.
The move to Qualcomm's flagship processors could also be seen as a move by Huawei to satisfy the US government, which could open the door to reducing restrictions.
When asked about being open to using Qualcomm chips in its flagship phones, Huawei said: As we said before, we are ready to work with American companies, such as Qualcomm, as long as they are allowed to.
Source : Aitnews
do you love to see HONOR with snapdragon processors ?
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2020.09.25 16:00 ClassyLifter [CAN-ON] [H] Huge Selection of Nintendo 3DS, DS, Gamecube, N64, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Everdrive, Gameboy, GBA, Wii, Wii U, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 Games and Systems [W] PayPal

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Shipping is paid by the buyer. Lettermail and tracked shipping options are both available

Hi everyone!
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Nintendo 3DS Games
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Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Big Box Edition) Nintendo 3DS CIB $80
Pokemon Omega Ruby Nintendo 3DS NEW $70
Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS CIB $60
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Nintendo 3DS NEW $65
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nintendo 3DS CIB $45
Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS CIB $35
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Nintendo 3DS CIB $33
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Backyard Hockey Nintendo DS CIB $25
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Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier Nintendo DS CIB $25
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Yoshi's Island DS Nintendo DS Loose $25
Yoshi Touch & Go Nintendo DS CIB $25
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Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini Nintendo DS CIB $20
Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Nintendo DS CIB $20
Star Trek Tactical Assualt Nintendo DS CIB $20
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (x2) (2008) Nintendo DS CIB $20
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Winter Games Nintendo DS CIB $15
The Price Is Right Nintendo DS CIB $15
Rubik's World Nintendo DS CIB $15
Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures Nintendo DS CIB $15
Worms: Open Warfare Nintendo DS CIB $15
The Backyardigans Nintendo DS CIB $15
Broken Sword the Shadow of the Templars Nintendo DS CIB $15
Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey Nintendo DS CIB $15
Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties Nintendo DS Loose $15
Guinness World Records Nintendo DS Loose $15
The Settlers Nintendo DS CIB $10
Chicken Shoot Nintendo DS CIB $10
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Nintendo 3DS Black Nintendo 3DS Loose (w Charger) $150
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Gamecube Games
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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Gamecube CIB $145
Super Mario Sunshine (Player's Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $95
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Luigi's Mansion (Player's Choice) Gamecube CIB $80
The Simpsons Hit and Run (Players Choice) Gamecube CIB $70
Pikmin (Players Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $65
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Lord of the Rings Two Towers Gamecube CIB $15
007 From Russia with Love Gamecube Loose (alternate Case) $15
Spider-Man (Players Choice) Gamecube CIB $15
Top Gun Combat Zones Gamecube CIB $10
Prince of Persia Warrior Within Gamecube CIB $10
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Gamecube Systems & Accessories
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Black Gamecube Controller Gamecube Loose $45
Indigo Gamecube Controller Gamecube Loose $45
Controller (Mad Catz) Gamecube Loose $20

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Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 CIB $60
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South Park Chefs Luv Shack (PAL) Nintendo 64 CIB $60
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007 The World is Not Enough Nintendo 64 Loose $25
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Gameboy Games
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Operation C Gameboy Loose $40
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Gameboy Systems and Accessories
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Gameboy Console Gameboy Loose $70

Sega Genesis Games
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Vectorman Sega Genesis NEW $90
Rocket Knight Adventures Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $55
Cool Spot Sega Genesis CIB $35
Wolverine Adamantum Rage Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $35
Separation Anxiety Sega Genesis Loose $31
Ecco the Dolphin Sega Genesis CIB $25
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sega Genesis CIB $25
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis Case and Manual Only (NO GAME) $25
X-Men Sega Genesis CIB, no poster $25
Aladdin Sega Genesis Loose $20
Ecco the Tides of Time Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $15
Ren and Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $15
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Sega Systems and Accessories
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Sega CD Home Console Sega CIB $350
Sega Genesis Launch Edition Console w/ Sonic Cartridge Sega Genesis CIB $300
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Gameboy Advance Games
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Metroid Fusion GBA CIB $180
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Battleship, Risk, Clue GBA Loose $15
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Custom Back-Lit Gameboy Advance System (Glacier) GBA CIB $150
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Nintendo Entertainment System Games (NES)
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Monster in my Pocket NES In-Box, No Manual $150
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Batman Return of the Joker NES Loose $80
A Nightmare on Elm Street NES Loose $80
Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse NES Loose $60
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project NES Loose $50
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out NES Loose $40
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Ninja Gaiden 2 The Dark Sword of Chaos NES Loose $25
Ghosts 'n Goblins NES Loose $25
Faxanadu NES Loose $25
Werewolf NES Loose $22
Excitebike NES Loose $20
Smash TV NES Loose $20
Guerrilla War NES Loose $20
Bionic Commando NES Loose $20
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Friday the 13th NES Loose $20
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Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest NES Loose $20
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobomania NES Loose $20
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Gotcha! NES Loose $15
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Jaws NES Loose $15
Yoshi NES Loose $15
Roller Games NES Loose $15
Cyberstadium Series Base Wars NES Loose $15
Narc NES Loose $15
Dr. Mario NES Loose $15
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Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode NES Loose $12
Operation Wolf NES Loose $12
Mickey Mousecapade NES Loose $12
Wrath of the Black Manta NES Loose $12
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Sky Shark NES Loose 10

NES Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
NES Action Set NES CIB (MINT BOX) $300
Speedboard NES CIB $225
NES Zapper Light Gun NES Loose $15
NES Controller NES Loose $15

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games (SNES)
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Super Mario Kart SNES CIB $150
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble SNES CIB $140
Mortal Kombat 2 SNES CIB $90
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time SNES Loose $70
Final Fantasy 2 SNES Loose $65
Bust-A-Move SNES CIB $60
Super Mario World SNES Loose w Manual $45
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble SNES Loose $40
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES Loose $45
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest SNES Loose $40
The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past SNES Loose $40
The Tick SNES Loose $35
Double Dragon 3 SNES Loose $30
Raiden Trad SNES Loose $30
MTV's Beavis and Butthead SNES Loose $30
Super Mario All-Stars SNES Loose $30
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (x2) SNES Loose $30
Nhl 95 SNES CIB $25
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Ghostbusters SNES Loose $25
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants SNES Loose $25
Cool World SNES Loose $25
Spawn SNES Loose $25
Mortal Kombat SNES Loose $25
Mortal Kombat 2 SNES Loose $25
The Addams Family SNES Loose $25
Final Fight SNES Loose $25
Killer Instinct SNES Loose $25
Starfox FX SNES Loose $25
Disneys the Lion King SNES Loose $20
Super Empire Strikes Back SNES Loose $20
F-Zero SNES Loose $20
Alien 3 SNES Loose $20
Krusty's Super Fun House SNES Loose $20
WWF Raw SNES Loose $20
Daffy Duck Marvin Missions SNES Loose $20
Speedy Gonzales Los Gatos Bandidos SNES Loose $20
Spider-Man X0Men Arcade's Revenge SNES Loose $20
The Incredible Hulk SNES Loose $20
Clayfighter SNES Loose $20
Judge Dredd SNES Loose $20
Aero the Acro-Bat SNES Loose $15
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure SNES Loose $15
NHL 97 SNES Loose $15
Super Star Wars SNES Loose $15
WWF Super Wrestlemania SNES Loose $15
Stunt Race FX SNES Loose $15
Disneys The Jungle Book SNES Loose $12
Nickelodeon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters SNES Loose $10

SNES Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
SNES Console Donkey Kong Edition SNES CIB $420
Super Scope 6 SNES Loose w Manuals $110
Acclaim Dual Turbo Wireless SNES Controllers + Receiver SNES Loose $55
Fighter Stick SN SNES Loose $35

Everdrive Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
SD2SNES Deluxe Edition SNES CIB $300
Mega Everdrive Sega Genesis Loose $285
Everdrive GB Gameboy CIB $200
Everdrive MD Sega Genesis CIB $185

Wii Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Mario Kart Wii (w/ 2 Steering Wheels) Wii CIB $75
Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Selects WII CIB $60
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii CIB $60
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Wii CIB $55
Bit.Trip Complete Wii CIB $45
Wii Sports Wii Loose $40
Metal Slug Anthology Wii CIB $35
Punch-Out Wii CIB $35
Super Mario Galaxy Wii CIB $30
Punch-Out!! Wii CIB $30
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Wii CIB $30
Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii CIB $25
A Boy and His Blob Wii CIB $25
Sonic Colors Wii CIB $25
Kirby's Epic Yarn Wii CIB $25
MadWorld Wii CIB $20
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Wii CIB $20
Red Steel 2 Wii CIB $15
Geometry Wars Galaxies Wii CIB $15
Trauma Center New Blood Wii CIB $15
Trauma Center Second Opinion Wii CIB $15
Batman the Brave and the Bold Wii CIB $15
Okami Wii CIB $15
Wii Play Wii CIB $15
Game Party Wii CIB $15
Disney Sing It Wii CIB $15

Wii Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Wii Console (Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort Bundle) Wii CIB $180
Wii Console (white) Wii Loose $70
Nunchuck Controller (x2) Wii Loose $20

Wii U Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Bayonetta 2 Wii U CIB $35
Mario Kart 8 Wii U CIB $35
New Super Luigi U Wii U CIB $35
Super Mario 3D World Wii U CIB $30
Super Smash Bros for WiiU Wii U CIB $25
Rayman Legends Wii U CIB $20
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Wii U CIB $15
Zombi U Wii U CIB $10

Wii U Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Mario Wii Remote Plus Wii U In-Box $60
Wii U Pro Controller (Black) Wii U Loose $45

Playstation Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Tobal No. 1 Playstation CIB $45
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Playstation In-Box No Manual $25
A Bug's Life Playstation In-Box No Manual $15

Playstation 2 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain PS2 CIB $70
Grand Theft Auto Vice City PS2 CIB $15
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 PS2 CIB $15
MVP Baseball 2004 PS2 In-Box No Manual $15
NHL 2K6 PS2 CIB $15
NBA Live 2004 PS2 CIB $15
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 PS2 CIB $15
NHL 09 PS2 CIB $15
Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 CIB $15

Playstation 3 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 CIB $15
Madden 2007 PS3 CIB $15
NHL 2010 PS3 CIB $15
MLB 07 The Show PS3 CIB $15

Xbox 360 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 CIB $25
Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 CIB $20
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 CIB $15
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 CIB $15
NHL 10 Xbox 360 CIB $15
Watch Dogs Xbox 360 CIB $15
Call of Duty World at War Xbox 360 CIB $15
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 CIB $15
NHL 14 Xbox 360 CIB $10
L.A Noire Xbox 360 CIB $10

Xbox 360 Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Silver) Xbox 360 CIB $50
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Gears of War 3 Edition Xbox 360 CIB $50

BUNDLE: Any 3 Games for $20 CDN
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Pet Alien an Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Disney's Tangled Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Horsez Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Disney Fairies TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Nancy Drew The Model Mysteries Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Barbie The Island Princess Nintendo DS Loose 3 for $20
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Style Lab Makeover Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
World Championship Poker Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Space Chimps Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Hamsterz Life Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Spelling Challenges Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Real Time Conflict Shogun Empires Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Plushees Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Alt case/no manual 3 for $20
Imagine Fashion Designer Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Madden 2005 Nintendo DS Loose 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Alt Box, No Manual 3 for $20

BUNDLE: Any 2 Games for $25
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
LEGO Batman 2 Nintendo DS Loose 2 for $25
Monster High 13 Wishes Nintendo 3ds Loose 2 for $25
Flash Focus Vision training in minutes a day Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $25

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Lord of the Rings Conquest Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
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Meteos Disney Magic Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Tiger Woods 2005 Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
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Winter Sports 2 The Next Challenge Nintendo DS NEW 2 for $20
Brain Age (x2) Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Personal Trainer Cooking Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
True Swing Golf Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Big Brain Academy (x2) Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
My Weight Loss Coach Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
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2020.09.25 15:00 -chandra- Classic KONAMI games return to modern computers on GOG.COM 💜

Classic KONAMI games return to modern computers on GOG.COM 💜
Today, three classic Metal Gear titles make a grand comeback on modern computers along with five other 8-bit classics!
The first title in the series is the all-time classic Metal Gear from 1987. Widely considered one of the first stealth games in history, Metal Gear is a stealth classic and is an absolute must-play if you want to see the origins of the cult series. The second title in the series is a KONAMI hit from 1998 - Metal Gear Solid. This title continued to redefine the stealth genre with players taking the role of Solid Snake, on a mission to infiltrate a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat called FOXHOUND, a renegade special forces unit.
After restoring classics like Blade Runner and Diablo, we bring you Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in a version that is fully playable on modern computers. As an expanded version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance will find players can once again join Solid Snake and Raiden on their mission to stop the terrorist organization “Sons of Liberty” from plunging the world into nuclear chaos!
Finally, we’ve prepared a real treat for retro gamers. With the KONAMI Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra now on GOG.COM, you have the unique opportunity to discover the roots of two classic series. This pack consists of five unique games from the 8-bit era: Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Contra, and Super C. This means you receive five chances to save the universe in one!
Revisit and discover some of the best KONAMI classics now available on GOG.COM. Join Solid Snake, Simon Belmont, and other heroes on the quest to save mankind, while having many hours of fun in the process!
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
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2020.09.25 14:43 ParallaxFX Trading Your Own Capital (Or Prop Firm Trading) For A Living (pros and cons... do's and don'ts)

Trading Your Own Capital (Or Prop Firm Trading) For A Living
This is a topic that’s been requested and it is something I can definitely provide a useful perspective on. I have traded my own capital in the past and have also traded with a prop firm as well. There are many pros and cons to trading your own money. I might do a post or a series on the sell-side of the industry and what it takes to get a hedge fund up and running, but frankly, I don’t think that is relevant to this subreddit. We’ll see.
I’ll be covering the pros and cons of retail/prop trading for a living, why most people can’t do it, and finally, how to set yourself up for success.
And away we go!
Pros and Cons:
First things first, let’s talk about why you would want to trade you own capital for a living (I’ll include trading for a prop firm in here as well). The biggest reason you would want to do so is because dealing with investors and regulators is a headache. You can be a solo operation when trading your own money. When you are a fund, it is a “real” business. You have significant costs including payroll, administration, legal fees, accounting fees, operational expenses etc. Let me repeat - investor relations is exceptionally challenging. It is not unusual for your investors to have the option for monthly redemptions. Talk about an albatross around your neck. You could lose your biggest investor every single month. It is tough nowadays to get sticky money.
Having traded my own money for a living, I really enjoyed the freedom of not having to constantly sell a fund. You see, you can have salespeople and introducers, but at the end of the day every single prospective investor will want to speak with the chief investment officer. Apart from that headache, you are also free to trade however you want. You can be as aggressive as you like, you can take days or weeks off without having to explain yourself. The downside is that your earning potential is capped. You won’t be trading as much money as you could be if you are able to do a proper cap raise. Even prop firms won’t be giving you that much money relative to what you could raise out there with a good track record. Furthermore, you likely are responsible for your own costs and expenses. Unless you are with a big group like Millennium for example, you also won’t be getting paid a salary. You will be 100% “on commission”.
If you are breaking into trading from the retail side, then you will have no choice but to trade your own money or seek funding from a prop firm. There’s nothing wrong with this and it is possible to make some great money using this approach.
Why Most Traders Fail:
When you really break it down, there are two reasons why most retail traders simply don’t make it.
#1 - They don’t have a defined methodology for what it will take for them to make money. In other words, they don’t have a business plan
#2 - They don’t have the discipline to follow their business plan
You’ve all heard of trading plans before and I think they are an absolutely essential requirement for success. I have written many, many trading plans over the course of my career. What I will suggest, however, is to think of your trading plan as just the tip of the iceberg. What you really need is a business plan. After all, whether you are trading your own capital or not, if you call yourself a trader then you are running your own business. Did you know the failure rate for small business operators is sky high? One of the reasons for this is because many people will open shop without being prepared. They may have a great idea (in trading, perhaps a great strategy), but no clue about what their operating expenses will be, how long their runway is, etc.
You Must Know Your Numbers:
Many traders have the exact same issues as your typical small business operator. They don’t know their numbers. From a trading perspective, they have no clue what their real average win rate is, what their average profit factor is, how volatile their trading will be. In short, they don’t have a data-driven model that projects their revenue vs their expenses. Now, forget the trading side of things, they usually don’t even know their numbers for their day-to-day expenses. Do you have a budget for your living costs? How much money do you need a month simply to get by? If you are a small business operator, if you want to be successful, you must know your numbers and budget ruthlessly. Cut out anything extraneous, because every dollar of profit you have to withdraw to spend on living expenses is a dollar you can’t leave within your account to help it compound over time.
My Restaurant Analogy
The vast majority of traders don’t have a good trading plan, not to mention a business plan at all. Think of it like this, if you love cooking and your dream is to one day open your own restaurant, you are like all retail traders that dream of making trading their main source of income. Before the cook opens a restaurant, they will experiment with recipes… try different things out. In other words, they have to put together a product that will be viable in the marketplace. Not only must there be demand for this cook’s menu, but it must also be cost efficient. Once the cook has figured out their menu, they are still nowhere near opening a restaurant. Just because you think you have a viable methodology you have backtested and then successfully traded on demo does NOT mean you are ready to become a trader.
Going back to our cook, they still have to consider the entire business aspect of their restaurant. They have to find a location, pay for that location somehow, maybe find an equity partner or a credit line… they have to hire staff, purchase equipment and furniture. They have an incredible amount of legwork to do before they can even think about opening up for business. Not to mention all the permits and licensing they will have to get. Being a successful restaurateur is one of the most difficult entrepreneurial ventures I can think of. Trading is no different.
As a trader, having a proven methodology is a great first step. You must have a methodology. But you must also know the numbers behind that methodology. What is your strike rate? Your profit factor? Your expectancy? If you are planning on managing capital for others what kind of shape does your equity curve have? Will you be tracking something like a Sharpe or Sortino ratio? On average, what how many trades is a normal win-streak for your methodology? How about a losing streak? What is your risk of ruin? These are all questions you must have answers to.
In addition to the trading side of the business, have you considered how you will fund your account? Much like our cook, traders need a source of capital or liquidity to launch their business. Good luck getting a small-business loan or grant for your trading operations. Most traders will be self-funding their accounts. That means calculating how much money you are taking in right now and cost-cutting your day-to-day expenses to figure out how much you can save.
The point I am trying to make is that there is a lot of work that goes into trading beyond just trying to become a “good” trader. The worst part is that you can do all of this prep work and there is still no easy cure for being too timid, too impulsive, or having a lack of discipline. While these things will hurt a cook, they will be fatal to an aspiring trader.
The Good News
There is light at the end of the tunnel. It IS possible to make it in this business so long as you treat it like a business. If you put in a lot of effort into the business planning stage, then you are building a solid foundation from which you can launch your trading career. I’ve seen many traders have spurts of success flying by the seat of their pants. Invariably, they always blow it. Someday, somehow, they will blow up. I have yet to see that not happen.
If I had to pick the most important trait a trader could have, I would say it is discipline. Unfortunately, most people lack discipline. I suppose this also explains why most people are not successful traders. Discipline can compensate for a lot of other weaknesses and it is an absolutely essential strength every trader must have. It is one thing to draw up trading and business plans, it is a whole other animal to be able to stick to the plan.
One final piece of advice that has helped me immeasurably: don’t compare yourself to others. This isn’t a competition for you. There’s no gold medal waiting for you. How the guy on Instagram seems to be pulling in 5 figures every day has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t make you a better or worse trader… but it will tempt you to over leverage your next trade because if he/she can do it, you must be able to do it too.
Do NOT follow any traders on social media. Do NOT follow any trading groups or societies on social media. It does absolutely nothing for you. It brings you zero net benefit. In my opinion, you should have zero social media to begin with, but that’s a topic for a different subreddit.
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2020.09.25 14:15 AnotherGayAccount I need to vent about Lagoon Lounge (Spoilers for full series)

I just finished Lagoon Lounge 3 and I just needed to say...
Why is there no happy ending for Yamato 😭 He was the only one I cared about (aside from Arashi but I knew that wasn't going anywhere since he was HD remake only). It seems like every ending sort of sucks for someone so I thought "Oh the sixth ending must be when I choose the CG route for each person revealing the polyamourous/open relationship ending where everyone finds happiness!" But no it turned out to be some creepy ending for Sousuke's Brother. I thought for sure when Gou said he was going to turn the place into a bed and breakfast in his ending it was hinting that he'd get Yamato to help him run it in the poly ending since he's the more outgoing manager and they'd become co-owners with benefits or something. Then Rai would feel guilty about being the one who convinced Yuujirou to stay and offer to pay for any artificial insemination or surrogates he would need to have children so Yuujirou could just fall in love with any gender person. And they'd all occasionally group up together for good time fucking. Or they'd form into distinct pairs. I didn't even care if my character couldn't be with Yamato in this ending. I just wanted to see him happy!
Seriously everyone else gets Christmas Music and either a happy ending (Souske, Rai) or at least bittersweet hope for the future (Rou, Yuujirou). But the only chubby guy has to leave town and be miserable! It ended up being a sour note on what was otherwise a series that was good enough for me to play through despite not being particularly attracted to most of the cast.
I know a LL4 is never going to happen but I hope there is HD remake of LL3 one day that gives him an ending where he and Gou become full business partners or he breaks even with his restaurant and jet sets around the world with Arashi or something
On a side note some of the consent in this series was very questionable but I assumed it was just a cultural difference. I was hoping the main character would be called out on it in the end but they didn't really resolve that either.
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