Jennette McCurdy dating

Jennette McCurdy has been in relationships with Andre Drummond (2013), Max Ehrich (2010 – 2011), Graham Patrick Martin (2004 – 2008) and Matthew Whitehead. She has not been previously engaged. We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and hookups. Jennette Mccurdy's Net Worth. Jennette Mccurdy amassed a net worth of about $5 million as of 2019. Jennette Mccurdy's Wiki-Bio. Jennette Mccurdy was born on 26 June 1992 in Long Beach, California. Recommended: Nathan Kress. She belongs to English, Italian, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, French descent. On 26-6-1992 Jennette McCurdy was born in Long Beach, California, USA. She made her 3 million dollar fortune with iCarly, Sam & Cat and Swindle. The actress is currently single, her starsign is Cancer and she is now 28 years of age. Who is Jennette McCurdy dating? Many famous men have dated Jennette McCurdy, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes. Including Jennette McCurdy’s current boyfriend, past relationships, pictures together, and dating rumors, this comprehensive dating history tells you ... Who is she dating right now? Jennette McCurdy is currently single.. Relationships. Jennette McCurdy has been in relationships with Andre Drummond (2013), Max Ehrich (2010 - 2011), Graham Patrick Martin (2004 - 2008) and Matthew Whitehead.. About. Jennette McCurdy is a 28 year old American Actress. Born Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy on 26th June, 1992 in Long Beach, California, USA, she is ... But as for who Jennette McCurdy is dating, that’s a tougher egg to crack. The actress is pretty private about her love life, but she’s reportedly dated a number of famous men throughout her past. Jennette McCurdy (born Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy) is an American actress we all love for her stint on Nickelodeon's 'iCarly' and 'Sam & Cat.'While many of you already know about her, there's still one thing we all are left wondering about the actress. Jennette, who was born on 26th of June, 1992, in Long Beach, California, started her career as an actress but in her later years, the 27 ...

Your /r/PopHeads [FRESH] recap for the week of July 26 - August 01

2020.08.02 17:00 subredditsummarybot Your /r/PopHeads [FRESH] recap for the week of July 26 - August 01

Sunday, July 26 - Saturday, August 01

Fresh Albums

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153 40 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Beyoncé – The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition]
108 19 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Phoebe Ryan - How it Used to Feel
107 49 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Brandy - B7 [AM] [SC]
93 16 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks in the Road [Sp] [AM] [GPM] [SC]
65 7 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Dominic Fike - What Could Possibly Go Wrong [Sp] [AM] [GPM] [SC]
46 13 comments [FRESH EP] Alice Chater announces EP “ARIES” coming 7th August

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566 140 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Taylor Swift - cardigan “cabin in candlelight” version (Official Video) [Sp] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
382 63 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Billie Eilish - my future [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
316 49 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer – ALREADY (Official Video)
222 29 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Cupcakke - Discounts (Official Movie) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
188 21 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
150 8 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Zheani - LAVA [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
139 105 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Ava Max - Who's Laughing Now [Sp] [Dzr] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
76 7 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Troye Sivan - Easy (slowed n reverb) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT] [YTM]


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1,039 210 comments [FRESH] Billie Eilish – my future
931 320 comments [FRESH] Beyoncé - BLACK IS KING
155 15 comments [FRESH] Poppy - Khaos x4 [Sp] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT]
145 33 comments [FRESH] Lana Del Rey - LA Who Am I To Love You (From The Audiobook “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”)
130 33 comments [FRESH BOOK] Lana Del Rey - Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass (Audiobook)
110 33 comments [FRESH] A$AP FERG - Move ya Hips ft. Nicki Minaj and MadeinTyo [Sp] [AM] [GPM] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
65 28 comments [FRESH] Sam Smith - My Oasis (feat. Burna Boy) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC]
64 35 comments [FRESH] Billie Eilish shares snippet of "My Future" out Thursday 7/30
58 9 comments [FRESH] The Knocks - Bodies (ft. MUNA)
57 5 comments [FRESH] Megan Thee Stallion x Des Rocs - Sex Talk (HYBRID)
55 6 comments [FRESH] Foxes - Woman
53 3 comments [FRESH] A. G. Cook - 7G (7 Minute Mix)
51 9 comments [FRESH] Disclosure & Fatoumata Diawara - Douha (Mali Mali) [Sp] [AM] [YT] [YTM]

Top Performances

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302 26 comments [PERFORMANCE] Chloe X Halle - Do It live at GLAAD Awards 2020
130 21 comments [PERFORMANCE] The Weeknd will perform in a virtual TikTok concert on August 7th
116 18 comments [PERFORMANCE] Jennette McCurdy - i'm starting a...

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1,574 124 comments [NEWS] Dua Lipa Confirms in Instagram Comments that Future Nostalgia Side B is Coming as well as new content through 2022
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2020.06.28 09:55 TheOneTrueLokison Wendy Monaghan, 5th Year (Re-intro)

Name: Wendy Roth Monaghan.
Gender: Female
Age: 15
DOB: January 11th
Hometown: Houston, Texas.
Current place of residence: Germany (though prefers to be in Houston)
Appearance: 1 2
Height: 5’2.
Eye Color: Blue with a bit of light grey.
Hair: Dirty blonde hair.
Physique: Slightly skinny, short in stature and is caucasian. Occasionally wears a retainer to keep her teeth in line.
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Halfblood
Wand: Pine with a unicorn hair center.
Patronus: A rabbit, though she can't exactly perform the Patronus charm well.
Boggart: Undiscovered.
Positive Traits: Will stand up for herself and at times, for others. Can go surprisingly well with others, most of the time, so long as they don't annoy her at first. When she does something, she will try to do it perfectly on the first try.
Negative Traits: Stubborn, lazy and often prefers to go do other stuff instead of doing what needs to be done. Exactly like her dad. Is a bit brash with her words, especially when she's provoked into an argument.
Likes: Comfort food, casual clothes, movies, sports cars, the color red, her dad. Fun stuff like parties and festivals, basically anything that'll get her around other people who like to enjoy themselves as much as she does. While her taste in music is everywhere, Wendy has a soft spot for country music.
Dislikes: Smoking, drinking, people trying to impress her with whatever they have, terrible looking cars. She also has a slight dislike of certain types of boys, especially the ones from other rich families, as she always think they're just after her mother's money and not in it for the relationship. But, of course, despite this she still gets crushes on boys from time to time, but hasn't had a boyfriend yet.
Mother: Christina Roth.
Father: Walter Monaghan.
Siblings: None, though she believes she has a younger half brother somewhere in Kansas.
As the daughter of an owner of an auto repair shop from Houston and a fashion designer from Germany (who's coincidentally a witch), Wendy is someone that experiences two very different worlds every six months. In Houston, she often helps her dad run his auto shop/car wash on days when she's not in school. When she's at her mom's home, she's often being brought to these large business meetings that are more like an event for the rich, where she meets all these other boys (or men, which is disgusting) to entertain each other while the business meetings goes on. no that does not mean they're doing the deed, they're just talking
Finally, the recently turned 15 year old is back to the place where she feels more comfortable, second only to her dad's auto repair shop in Houston. Away from all her mom's business meetings where there's always a line of suitors all looking to establish a relationship with her, not because they like her, but because of, you guessed it business.
Someone would definitely argue that they'd like to have a lot of good looking people their age wanting to date her, but it's not fun if they're in it for the business opportunities.
With her bags packed, Wendy gladly makes her way to the dungeons, wanting to meet all the new people here as well as the person she spoke with via penpal.
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2019.08.13 03:42 OfficialStyx Podcast Sponsors Thread

Have you ever wanted to use the benefit from a SuperMegaCast Sponsor, but the episode you're listening to is an old one, and you don't know if it's still valid? Well I have got the solution for you!
The aim of this post is to create an all-encompassing list of the podcast episodes, and what sponsors are in each. That way, if you have a specific sponsor in mind, you can come here, just use CTRL + F and you can find their most recent appearance in a snap!

EDIT: I'm currently constructing the list, and the sponsors don't start until a lot later than I thought they did, but I've already started a comprehensive list and there's no way I'm gonna puss out now so, excuse the first 48 episodes that just say No Sponsor and don't really add to the list.

Episode 1 : Crack Friends : No Sponsor
Episode 2 : The Science of Memes (ft. FrankJavCee) : No Sponsor
Episode 3 : Hitler and Black Holes : No Sponsor
Episode 4 : Blind Date : No Sponsor
Episode 5 : Spicy Topics (ft. Vernon Shaw): No Sponsor
Episode 6 : Claw Machines and Weeb Stuff : No Sponsor
Episode 7 : Hoverboards and Wasting Water : No Sponsor
Episode 8 : Baby's First VidCon / Our First VidCon : No Sponsor
Episode 9 : Steve Harvey Sucks / Matt vs Steve Harvey : No Sponsor
Episode 10 : A Trip To Area 51 : No Sponsor
Episode 11 : An Evening w/ Oney : No Sponsor
Episode 12 : From Nostalgia to Trump : No Sponsor
Episode 13 : Explicit Content : No Sponsor
Episode 14 : Popular to Contrary Belief : No Sponsor
Episode 15 : Fast Food Chronicles : No Sponsor
Episode 16 : YouTube Demonetization Hype : No Sponsor
Episode 17 : Only 90's Kids : No Sponsor
Episode 18 : Mile High : No Sponsor
Episode 19 : YouTube Heroes : No Sponsor
Episode 20 : Nixon, Cults, and Jennette McCurdy : No Sponsor
Episode 21 : Ming : No Sponsor
Episode 22 : Locker Room Talk and a Bowl of Soup : No Sponsor
Episode 23 : A List of Questions : No Sponsor
Episode 24 : Trick or Treat : No Sponsor
Episode 25 : Madea (w/ Ding Dong and Oney) : No Sponsor
Episode 26 : President Donald J Trump : No Sponsor
Episode 27 : We Got Detained : No Sponsor
Episode 28 : Thanksgiving : No Sponsor
Episode 29 : We Don't Know What To Name This One : No Sponsor
Episode 30 : The Great Outdoors : No Sponsor
Episode 31 : 2016 Wrap Up : No Sponsor
Episode 32 : The Maintenance Man Cometh : No Sponsor
Episode 33 : Reality Space Show : No Sponsor
Episode 34 : Aussie Man (w/ Ross O'Donovan) : No Sponsor
Episode 35 : Donuts w/ Mr. Mason : No Sponsor
Episode 36 : An Evening w/ Ding Dong and Julian : No Sponsor
Episode 37 : Horsemeat : No Sponsor
Episode 38 : Who Stole Barry's Wii? : No Sponsor
Episode 39 : Dirty Laundry : No Sponsor
Episode 40 : Flagged : No Sponsor
Episode 41 : The Definition of Fear : No Sponsor
Episode 42 : The Pitch (feat. Oney, Ross & Julian) : No Sponsor
Episode 43 : Girl Talk (ft. Pamela Horton) : No Sponsor
Episode 44 : The Ming Dynasty (ft. Ding Dong and Julian) : No Sponsor
Episode 45 : Tetris is Fun : No Sponsor
Episode 46 : School Sucks : No Sponsor
Episode 47 : Why Caillou Have No Hair : No Sponsor
Episode 48 : Ryan Takes a High School Girl to Prom : No Sponsor
Episode 49 : Vertically Inclined Primate : MeUndies
Episode 50 : Q&A : No Sponsor
Episode 51 : Stand-Up Supreme : MeUndies
Episode 52 : The Alleyway Surprise : No Sponsor
Episode 53 : Vape Friends : MeUndies
Episode 54 : We Saw the Emoji Movie : No Sponsor
Episode 55 : New York Times Minecrafters (w/ Egoraptor) : No Sponsor
Episode 56 : Televised Puppet Disaster (ft. Tucker Prescott) : No Sponsor
Episode 57 : Staring at the Sun : No Sponsor
Episode 58 : Full Metal Malcolm X : No Sponsor
Episode 59 : Hurricanes and Mom Pics : No Sponsor
Episode 60 : We Get Deep : No Sponsor
Episode 61 : Baby Boys (w/ Egoraptor) : No Sponsor
Episode 62 : Tales from the Past : No Sponsor
Episode 63 : Off the Hook : No Sponsor ?
Episode 64 : Our First Quest (w/ Ross O'Donovan) : No Sponsor
Episode 65 : Stupid Tattoo : No Sponsor
Episode 66 : Madea II : No Sponsor
Episode 67 : Schadenfreude : MeUndies
Episode 68 : Corporate Bologna : No Sponsor
Episode 69 : The 69th Episode (ft. Tucker) : MeUndies
Episode 70 : Prayers for Jeff : No Sponsor
Episode 71 : Pain Olympics : MeUndies
Episode 72 : Happy Hunting : No Sponsor
Episode 73 : Sippin' the Nog : No Sponsor
Episode 74 : 2017 Wrap Up : No Sponsor
Episode 75 : New Year, New Nothing : Beach Body on Demand
Episode 76 : Creepy Childhood Mascots : MeUndies
Episode 77 : The Line Gets Crossed : MeUndies
Episode 78 : Stepdad Ryan : Keeps
Episode 79 : The Infinite Monkey Theorem (w/ Ross O'Donovan) : Beach Body on Demand
Episode 80 : Snowy Sports & Virtual Babes : MeUndies
Episode 81 : Old Dinos : eHarmony
Episode 82 : Southern Mommy : Keeps
Episode 83 : Petite Boy and Scary Bear (w/ Nathan Yaffe) : Beach Body on Demand
Episode 84 : IncelMega : MeUndies
Episode 85 : Big Boy Russia : No Sponsor
Episode 86 : Roasted : No Sponsor
Episode 87 : The Secret Formula : Beach Body on Demand
Episode 88 : The Lost Episode : MeUndies
Episode 89 : Tom Hanks Has AIDS : MeUndies
Episode 90 : A Million Big Ones : MeUndies
Episode 91 : Pondering the Universe : MeUndies
Episode 92 : Shower Bear (ft. Tucker) : Honey
Episode 93 : Poor Ron Jeremy : No Sponsor
Episode 94 : Animal Urges : Omaha Steaks
Episode 95 : E3 Wishes (ft. Jimmy Whetzel) : Omaha Steaks, MeUndies
Episode 96 : Covfefe Haha : Omaha Steaks, MeUndies
Episode 97 : Our Japan Trip : Harry's
Episode 98 : Bart's Sickness (ft. Ding Dong & Julian) : Honey
Episode 99 : Manscaping 101 (ft. Don) : MeUndies
Episode 100 : Triple Digit Extravaganza : Udemy
Episode 101 : Cooking Hot Dogs at Ryan's House : Honey
Episode 102 : Souncloud Rappers Delight (ft. Kill Bill & Rav) : Harry's, MeUndies
Episode 103 : Generation Battle (ft. Jacksepticeye) : Udemy, Robinhood
Episode 104 : SuperMega in China : Honey
Episode 105 : Room Evacuation : No Sponsor
Episode 106 : Freaky Dreams : MeUndies, Robinhood
Episode 107 : The GIF Debate (ft. Ian Hecox) : Udemy, Harry's
Episode 108 : Shark Tales (ft. Jackson & Harrison Tucker) : Honey, Lootcrate
Episode 109 : Mad Crabs : StockX, Honey, Lootcrate
Episode 110 : AlphaMega : MeUndies, Robinhood
Episode 111 : Vapists : Honey, Harry's
Episode 112 : Ryan's Ranch: The Movie : StockX, Lootcrate
Episode 113 : Bye Bye Ice Cream Man (ft. Egoraptor) : No Sponsor
Episode 114 : Freaks and Frights (Halloween Special) : MeUndies, Robinhood
Episode 115 : Dan's Big Secret (ft. Dan Avidan) : PUBG
Episode 116 : Bunker Bros : Harry's, Honey
Episode 117 : Jackmeoff Wackmeoff : MeUndies, Robinhood
Episode 118 : Mr. Roboto : StockX
Episode 119 : Milk and Cigarettes : Harry's, Stamps(.)com
Episode 120 : SuperBeta : MeUndies, StockX
Episode 121 : Slimed : MeUndies, Stamps(.)com
Episode 122 : Jingle Jangle : Robinhood, Upstart
Episode 123 : New Year, Same Us : Harry's, Robinhood
Episode 124 : The Great Disaster : Postmates, MeUndies
Episode 125 : Calling Out the Amish : Postmates, Honey
Episode 126 : Doctor Discomfort : Upstart, Beach Body on Demand
Episode 127 : Rainy Day Fun : Robinhood, MeUndies
Episode 128 : We Quit Smoking! : Squarespace, Indochino
Episode 129 : Tour Tales (ft. Jackson Tucker) : Squarespace, Honey
Episode 130 : Reggie in Peace : MeUndies, Upstart
Episode 131 : Matt Poisons Ryan : Indochino, Robinhood
Episode 132 : Animorph Freaks : Harry's, Squarespace
Episode 133 : Tokyo Time (ft. Jackson & Harrison Tucker) : Honey, Keeps, Quip
Episode 134 : Dentally Insane : MeUndies, Squarespace
Episode 135 : Mama Extinction : Robinhood, Devil May Cry 5, Postmates
Episode 136 : Bros and Toes : Honey, Indochino
Episode 137 : SuperMega's Low-Budget Airport Adventure : MeUndies, Openfit (Beach Body on Demand?)
Episode 138 : The Big Breakdown : Quip, Honey
Episode 139 : A Night with Tim Allen (ft. nothinbutlag) : MeUndies. Robinhood
Episode 140 : Bible Brothers : Indochino, Harry's
Episode 141 : Meat Mountain : MeUndies, Openfit (Beach Body on Demand?)
Episode 142 : The P Word : Honey, ExpressVPN
Episode 143 : John Wick 3 : Robinhood
Episode 144 : Pretzelgate : MeUndies
Episode 145 : Sweet n' Sour (ft. FrankJavCee, Kill Bill, and Rav) : Keeps, ExpressVPN
Episode 146 : Godzilla vs. The Boys : Honey, Openfit (Beach Body on Demand?)
Episode 147 : Subscribe to Dolan Dark (ft. Dolan Dark) : MeUndies, Robinhood
Episode 148 : Blockbuster Blues : Honey, ExpressVPN
Episode 149 : Young Stepdad : Harry's, Quip
Episode 150 : The Very Special Episode : Honey
Episode 151 : R-Rated : MeUndies
Episode 152 : Bathroom Break : Raycon
Episode 153 : Cha Cha Hour (ft. Freddie Dredd) : Quip
Episode 154 : Baby Namers : MeUndies, Honey
EDIT : It has become apparent that this post is not useful to a large amount of people so, I will not be updating it.

This was all based off of links in the descriptions of the podcasts, so let me know if anything is wrong here. Also let me know if any of the links to the episodes themselves are fucked, because I don't doubt at least a couple of them are.
Here are also some fun facts I put together while making this post
  1. Episodes 8 and 9 both have conflicting episode titles. The titles of the videos and the titles on screen are different
  2. Episode 80 is where the classic intro was swapped for the Lo-Fi intro
  3. Episode 108 is where the Lo-Fi was swapped for what we have today
  4. In Episode 102's description, when they mean to say "get your trial set at.." it says "trail" set instead
  5. Episode 49 was the first sponsored episode (and, of course, it was MeUndies)
  6. Episode 95 was the first double sponsored episode
  7. The (54:22) mark of the 100th episode is the best part of the series
  8. Episodes 70, 102, 141, and 145 have unique intros (and probably more, update me if you want to)
  9. Episode 109 was the first Triple sponsored episode
  10. From Episode 75-Present, there have only been 5 unsponsored episodes.
And finally, for fun, here is a ranking of all the sponsors and how frequently they've supported our boys.
#1. MeUndies (35 times)
#2. Honey (18 times)
#3 Robinhood (13 times)
#4. Harry's (10 times)
#5. Beach Body on Demand (8 times)
#6. Keeps & StockX & Indochino & Quip & Squarespace (4 times)
#7. Omaha steaks & Udemy & Lootcrate & Postmates & Upstart & ExpressVPN (3 times)
#8. Stamps(.)com (2 times)
#9. eHarmony & PUBG & DMC5 & Raycon (1 time)
#10. HentaiHaven (0 times)

Well, that's all I've got for now. If this post is actually useful for people and you guys enjoy it, I'll update it as time goes on. But if not, well, I guess it was a fun two hours that it took to make this.
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2016.01.01 19:41 StarbellyGlasgow New champion teaser: a deeper look at the Djinn poetry

First of all, this is my first time creating a thread so apologies if I've done anything wrong. Bear with me, because this is going to get a bit conspiracy theory-y.
There's an interesting thread reddit! with some new ideas about the whole Deadeye/Djinn mystery, including a poem that KaiserDias dug up that seems to reference this, which you can read here:
The poem is one from a 2014 collection called Djinn Poems to Her Majesty: The Great High Imperial Djinn by poet Jashua Dewey Stockton Divine, and appears to contain a few references to the champions in the teasers - "hands of the juggernaut" could be Vi's gauntlets and/or Garen's newfound class type, "play ye me a melodic tune from your wonderful instrument/your song entices me" could be Sona, and there's even direct mention of the phrase "dead eye".
Being a bored, hungover English student with too much time on my hands, I thought I'd try and look a little further into the text and see if I could ferret out anything else.
Here's where it gets kinda weird:
Only certain portions of the text seem to be available from the viewer linked above, but if you ctrl+f for certain words, you can see previews of the paragraphs in which they appear even if they're unavailable in the full viewer.
I searched for a few league-related words and didn't turn up much except a line about how "ye will summon heros (sic)" until I searched for games and hit something really weird:
p475: "In Venice California we will buy a property on a prime location and we will build an arcade but not just any arcade One with robots, and elaborate games".
According to Google, Riot Games has their primary headquarters in Los Angeles, California. They also have online job listings less than 2 weeks old citing their specific address as VENICE, California. Weird, right? Well it gets weirder.
So I searched the author of the above Djinn poem and found out he's also got two other books to his name, both about Djinns. You can find them here: and here:
The first one contains another collection of passable poetry, but the author has begun styling himself as The Great High Imperial Genii, Jahshua Divine Divini. The prologue states his mission as "to explore the star systems for so long as eternity and immortality allow", and it includes a feverish address directly to Barack Obama on p114. Also, the troubling "affections for my mistress" section, verse 50 reads "I have found my delight O Lord, her name is Miranda". I'll come back to this later on.
The second of the other texts would appear to be a 200+ page fanfiction screenplay in which the author, now stylised as the Noble Divine Majesty Jahshua Divine Divini, appears as a Djinn and romances Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly/School of Rock fame. Seriously, read it. It seems to have been released in both softcover and eBook format.
Despite a disclaimer at the start that all resemblance to real people is coincidental, Cosgrove is referenced by her first name and surname, and her co-star Jennette (McCurdy) also appears.
If you're having trouble getting your head around this, here are some news articles on Miranda Cosgrove's restraining order against "creepiest fan ever" Joshua Stockton, dating from both before and after the fanfiction screenplay opus:
So, does the Djinn poem contain a cryptic reference to the upcoming champ? Maybe, but it's probably a coincidence. Is Stockton Divine connected to Riot Games, or do they just come from the same area? I doubt it; L.A. is known as the home of stalkers. Are we any closer to working out what these champion teasers are? Not really. Am I getting any free RP for this? Hell no.
Happy new year guys, hope this was an interesting read for someone at least.
edit: tl;dr - redditor finds poetry that may tease an upcoming champ, but upon closer inspection are probably the demented scribblings of an iCarly obsessive.
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2014.11.16 00:29 insanecellist Jennette McCurdy guest appearance - Birthday Boys: Love Date Hump

Jennette McCurdy guest appearance - Birthday Boys: Love Date Hump submitted by insanecellist to jennettemccurdy [link] [comments]

2014.02.08 22:11 Trippze TIL Jennette McCurdy, the blonde girl from iCarly, is dating the very tall Detroit Pistons Center, Andre Drummond

TIL Jennette McCurdy, the blonde girl from iCarly, is dating the very tall Detroit Pistons Center, Andre Drummond submitted by Trippze to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2013.11.07 17:52 chrisiannotti Eminem Solidifies Himself as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) with New Album

On Tuesday, November 5th, Eminem’s eighth studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” was released, and if you haven’t heard it yet, please seek immediate medical attention because you may just be suffering from “You’re Doing it Wrong” syndrome.
Seriously though, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” is a masterpiece teeming with classic Slim Shady shamelessness, familiar, near-impossible, poetic delivery that it seems only Eminem is capable of enacting and also something a little new, too: a sound reminiscent of 1980s hip hop, closest to Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C. We certainly have American record producer legend Rick Rubin to thank for that, serving as co-executive producer alongside the also legendary Dr. Dre and contributing some of his funky hard rock style to several songs, including most notably “Berzerk.”
Now, everybody has that go-to pal that you call up whenever something of your mutual interest surfaces: “Did you hear that Eminem is coming out with a new album?” “Did you see “Ender’s Game” yet?” “Did you know that Andre Drummond and Jennette McCurdy are dating?” Okay, that last one is no longer true…sigh. I was hoping for “Sam & Cat & Andre!” but now sadly that’s a bust.
My buddy’s name is Ryan, and he is possibly one of the most dedicated Eminem fans I’ve ever come across. In the last few weeks before the album dropped we shared multiple phone calls touching on the releases of what I like to call the “teaser singles,” including (in order of release) “Berzerk,” “Survival,” “Rap God,” and last but not least, “The Monster” featuring the very vocally gifted Rihanna. And each time another track came out, we admired two things found evident to us in these songs: one, that Eminem was back again—and I know, for what seems like the millionth time—and two, and also more importantly, that he’d be revamping that unapologetic and merciless at times, but also metaphorically beautiful manner that we’ve been so without since “Recovery” was released in 2010.
So one of the very first things I did when the entire album came out besides listen to it nonstop and all the way through was go to Eminem’s fan page on Facebook and see what other listeners had to say. What surprised me wasn’t that there was too much hate—you know, nothing more or less than what you’d expect to come from the hater community—but instead, I was upset and shocked to find a good amount of people ragging on Eminem for having a sound described as “garbage,” “sold out and tired,” or even my favorite, “worse than Mitt Romney.” I may have made up that last one to get my political jab in there, but in all earnestness, I think that these people were listening to Eminem, but they weren’t hearing him.
I mean, come on! I say to them this: did you even bother to really hear the first track “Bad Guy?” It’s fantastic! Essentially it is a continuation of the story that we got from “Stan” off of the original Mathers LP, in which Eminem very vividly and fluently describes a fictional person by the same name as the title who is frighteningly obsessed with his music and his life.
To give you some more background, Eminem raps within Stan’s persona for the first three verses, where it is revealed in read-aloud fan mail that Eminem disses him by not responding to his letters, failing to sign autographs for him and his little brother Matthew outside a concert and ultimately for playing the role as a celebrity in a dismissive and hurtful way towards his fans. “Stan” is a significant tale with themes of extreme fan idolatry and the relationship between artists and their fans, and it was a means for Eminem to tell a creative allegory for the way in which he perceives and handles his own fame juxtaposed with his fan’s expectations.
In “Bad Guy” Eminem packs the same, powerful punch. Matthew, who lost his brother Stan to a homicidal suicide in which he very disturbingly drove his car off a bridge into the waters below with his wife in the trunk because of Eminem’s behavior, is bent on finding Eminem’s house and murdering him. Matthew’s persona is spoken through Eminem in the first three verses and a part of the fourth, almost exactly similar to “Stan,” and then Eminem picks up the majority of the fourth verse as himself.
Matthew ends up putting Eminem in the trunk of his car and drives it off the same bridge as Stan. But the last verse comes with a change in the beat and with Eminem rapping in a very meaningful, pensive tone, admitting that he is the epitome of what is bad, and although he lacks a conscience he realizes that his hateful, pent up attitude all of these years in which he could be cold to his fans has rebounded and caused him to lose a portion of the supporters who got him to where he is today. He concludes the song, however, saying that he is reverting to that emotionally tortured image of the artist he started out as with little concern for what’s right or wrong.
I really can’t find a track that I’m not in love with on the album, but probably the most entertaining song to listen to is “So Much Better.” It’s just plain and simple, classic Eminem, in that he has the guts to be brazen and say what we all sometimes fail to say: what we mean. The hook is sung as, “My life will be so much better, if you just dropped dead (dead) / I was laying in bed last night thinking, and this thought just popped in my head / And I thought, wouldn’t shit just be a lot easier if you dropped dead (dead) / I would feel so (so) much (much better),” and of course, it’s very extreme.
I’m not saying by any means that I too wish death on someone, but I can respect this song for being so raw and true to Eminem’s “I’m going to give you at face value the ugly and severe feelings I’ve felt” demeanor. “So Much Better” is just a song with so much intensity behind it, and although it harbors some very reprehensible misogynist language, it must be respected and enjoyed for its daring, personal honesty, catchy hook and smooth tempo.
A final song that I’d be remiss without mentioning is “Rap God,” and over the course of six minutes and four seconds, Eminem may very likely convince you that he deserves the title. This song is the prime example of Eminem’s superior ability to command syllables distinctly and mellifluously, switching up his elocution and placing acute consideration on internal rhymes with an incorporative and unique rhyme scheme. Toward the end of the track he delivers a few verses at a devastating speed, not even sacrificing the clearness in his voice for a pace that most of us can’t even dream of speaking at. Most importantly, “Rap God” beckons back to the days when Eminem was constantly swinging his fists, which always provides some of the most brilliant, controversial and exciting wordplay that we expect from the man who’s the least bit shy when it comes to sharing his thoughts.
My only hope now is that you don’t just take my word for it! With 21 tracks and a 78:13 total playing time, do yourself a favor; pop in the ear-buds, throw on the headphones or just be “that guy” or “that girl” for that matter who blasts his or her music on that Thirsty Thursday night, you know, when everyone’s out partying and no one’s actually trying to study or anything like that. For the sarcastically challenged: just kidding, don’t be that guy or girl; you’re ruining my grades!
Rating: 10/10
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